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Gluten Free Menu Plan – Week of March 19 (and a Gluten Free Chicken Broth Primer)

The Kelly’s New Guest Resident So the other day I decided to take advantage of the relatively windless day here in New Mexico and tackle some outdoor spring cleaning, starting with my light fixtures (am I the only one who does this?).  While I had the top piece inside for cleaning, a beautiful little dove […]

How to Cook Gluten Free by Elizabeth Barbone (with a Giveaway!)

How to Cook Gluten-Free I was recently given the opportunity to try one of the recipes from Elizabeth Barbone’s new cookbook, How to Cook Gluten-Free: Over 150 Recipes That Really Work, and so I thought I would share a sneak peek with you all. 😀 In case you haven’t heard of Elizabeth Barbone, here’s what […]

All About Gluten Free Waffles

There is a great book out there called Men Are Like Waffles–Women Are Like Spaghetti: Understanding and Delighting in Your Differences (which admittedly I have not read but my husband says is hilarious).  Apparently, the book tells us what we already know: that men view most choices and conflicts in terms of “waffle buckets” and […]

Gluten Free Support Groups, Menu Plans (and a tiny rant)

  Before sharing this week’s gluten free menu plan, I want to share an exciting new feature over at Gluten Free Easily.  The GFE Virtual Gluten Free Support Group! I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am that Shirley is opening up her home (virtually of course) and allowing all of us […]

Gluten Free St. Patrick’s Day Fun and a Recipe for Shamrock Smoothies

  St. Patrick’s Day has always been a fun holiday for me, everything from pinching the poor hapless soul who doesn’t wear green (or orange!) to chugging more than my fair share of green beer back in college. Funny, I can’t seem to recall partaking in any other tradition for St. Patty’s day. Must have […]

Gluten Free Menu Plan – Week of March 4

  Can you believe it’s already March?  The weather is warming up here in the high desert and lucky me got to spend the afternoon basking in the gloriously warm rays of the New Mexico sun.  It’s days like today that make me happy I left the grey, sunless Ohio skies of my youth – […]

All about Gluten Free (Boxed) Cereals

  Nothing brings back fond memories of 1980’s childhood quite like that morning American staple known as “breakfast cereal.”  I’m not sure at what point we co-opted the term “cereal” to basically convey a mostly sugar-laced, artificially colored bowl of glutonium, but the word has found its way into the American lexicon…so be it. The […]

Gluten Free Menu Plan – Week of February 27

  Okay, so I have realized that I can’t plow out all of the gluten-free 101 posts in a month.  I really didn’t think this series through back when I first made the announcement in early February.  I kinda forgot that baseball season was right around the corner and that I would have not one, […]

Gluten Free Pancakes: Come One, Come All for National Pancake Day!

  Okay, so someone (Erin, you know who you are) told me that it was national pancake day today, thus usurping my gluten free waffle groove!  Not being one to disappoint, I dropped everything and went into complete hyper-drive mode, because I KNOW pancakes.  I’m still waiting for the “national don’t eat crappy food” day; […]

Gluten Free Menu Plan – Week of February 20

  GF Dad here.  Heidi got out of bed this morning long enough to do this week’s menu plan and test a few more products with the GlutenTox Home test kits (for her upcoming Gluten Free 101 post on boxed cereals). But she didn’t feel very well. Heidi had one of her “gluten-free gals” get-togethers […]