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Gluten is a puzzle, one of the most confusing you will ever encounter.  When my family was required to embrace the gluten-free lifestyle I was completely overwhelmed.  From learning how to read food labels, talking with my doctor(s), sending my kids out into a world that wasn’t safe for them, and all the while trying to maintain any semblance of a social life, I was flummoxed.

Learning to adjust to unfamiliar foods, as well as give up on many old favorites, is hard enough.  But trying to navigate a social, cultural, medical, and financial climate that is simply not built for your overly restrictive lifestyle is a daunting task.  It seems that at almost every step of the way over the last two and half years, I have had to learn to adjust and overcome.  This blog and its content are the parts of my personal journey that I have chosen to share with the world (and you will find that I choose to share a lot!).

My name is Heidi Kelly and I welcome you to my blog.

What you will find on Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom

If you are looking for tasty gluten-free alternatives to some of the traditional foods you used to love, then you will find plenty of that content here.

If you are trying to follow a naturally gluten-free diet (no bread necessary, gluten-free or not), then I have many recipes for you as well (as do many of my other blogger friends…use the links I share to your advantage).

If you are frustrated with a member of your family who doesn’t seem to understand why you can’t have “just a little” and need some help coping emotionally as well as figuring out what to say, then you will find PLENTY of that here.

If your doctor looks at you as though you are hysterical because you can’t quite verbalize the desperation you feel as you try to get them to “please just UNDERSTAND that you need to consider this,” then you are definitely in the right place.

If you don’t want your children to feel excluded or ridiculed at school and are trying to get their teachers and the other parents to truly truly understand how difficult it is for your family to participate in ANY activity that involves food, I’ve got that covered as well.

And if you are bound and determined that your children will have as close to a “normal” life as possible in spite of the gluten-free lifestyle, then you have just found a sister-in-arms.

What I discovered on this journey is that the gluten-free diet is about so much more than food.  It’s really not about the food…there are plenty of other foods to eat.  No, the gluten-free diet is really the “gluten-free lifestyle,” it is a way of re-orienting your view of not only the food you eat, but the role food plays in so many aspects of our society.

I am not a medical doctor, nurse, molecular biologist…nor do I play one on T.V.

I share a great deal of medical research (as well as my own family’s test results) on this website.  You will find it is all very well sourced and referenced.  I cannot emphasize strongly enough that I am NOT a medical professional of any kind.

I am simply a concerned mother with a little time to spare, so I have put it to good use.  I don’t offer medical advice, I offer medical advocacy.  The pieces to your particular health puzzle are different from mine in size, shape, and composition.  But if anything about my story might help you sort through your puzzle, then I am willing and happy to share.  You must ALWAYS consult with a medical professional in whom you trust…but you must find that particular medical professional first. 😉

Product Reviews

I review products that my family enjoys.  I have discovered that there is no such thing as a gluten-free “all-purpose” flour.  Some companies have developed great bread flours, others have found great pancake mixes, still others have unlocked the key to fantastic pie crusts.  The pre-packaged gluten-free food economy is growing rapidly, so if baking is not your particular cup of tea, I offer similar reviews as well.  Some companies make better breads, others better pizza crusts, still others better cookies.  These products are expensive and I am trying to help you avoid some of the mistakes my family has made.

Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Egg Free, Oh My!

As if gluten was not complicated enough, members of my family have now been diagnosed with dairy, egg, and corn sensitivities or allergies.  Trying to capitalize on earlier successes, you will find many very strange sounding recipes because of this: “Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Corn Free, Egg Free, Soy Free, Honey Nut Apple Fritters”.  I made that title up, but I hope you get the point: don’t be surprised when you see something as verbose and strange as that.

Say YES!

I believe this blog represents what all of us following the gluten-free LIFESTYLE are seeking: a place to find answers to some of the deeper questions.  I have tried to build the blog that I wish I had found six years ago when I was diagnosed with celiac disease.  I have tried to become the voice reaching out to others who so desperately need help, who are numb with confusion, and are beginning to feel emotionally bankrupt.  This blog is living proof that there ARE answers, that you CAN get through it, and that where there is a will, there IS A WAY!

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