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Find Me Gluten Free App, Grain-Free BMT “Sandwiches” and a Menu Plan

Guess what?  I woke up this morning to the news that I’ve been nominated in the “Personality of the Year” category for the first annual Foggy Awards, sponsored by Find Me Gluten Free! What exactly is a “Foggy” Award? The FOGGY (free of gluten) awards are given to those that shine light on the Celiac […]

Gluten Free Menu Plan – Week of March 19 (and a Gluten Free Chicken Broth Primer)

The Kelly’s New Guest Resident So the other day I decided to take advantage of the relatively windless day here in New Mexico and tackle some outdoor spring cleaning, starting with my light fixtures (am I the only one who does this?).  While I had the top piece inside for cleaning, a beautiful little dove […]

Gluten Free Support Groups, Menu Plans (and a tiny rant)

  Before sharing this week’s gluten free menu plan, I want to share an exciting new feature over at Gluten Free Easily.  The GFE Virtual Gluten Free Support Group! I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am that Shirley is opening up her home (virtually of course) and allowing all of us […]

Gluten Free Menu Plan – Week of March 4

  Can you believe it’s already March?  The weather is warming up here in the high desert and lucky me got to spend the afternoon basking in the gloriously warm rays of the New Mexico sun.  It’s days like today that make me happy I left the grey, sunless Ohio skies of my youth – […]

Gluten Free Menu Plan – Week of February 27

  Okay, so I have realized that I can’t plow out all of the gluten-free 101 posts in a month.  I really didn’t think this series through back when I first made the announcement in early February.  I kinda forgot that baseball season was right around the corner and that I would have not one, […]

Gluten Free Menu Plan – Week of February 20

  GF Dad here.  Heidi got out of bed this morning long enough to do this week’s menu plan and test a few more products with the GlutenTox Home test kits (for her upcoming Gluten Free 101 post on boxed cereals). But she didn’t feel very well. Heidi had one of her “gluten-free gals” get-togethers […]

Gluten Free Menu Plan – Week of February 13

Mike and I have been having so much fun this week, coming together and reliving those crazy first few years of our ever-evolving gluten free life for our new Gluten Free 101 series.  Hindsight is always 20/20, no? Quite frankly, it has been refreshing to see him realize the difference between “cooking for the family” […]

Gluten Free Menu Plan – Week of January 30

Before I share this week’s menu plan, I’d like to share some fun gluten free highlights from this past week. Have you been following along with Wendy’s fun (and functional) blog series called “In My Gluten-Free Kitchen” over at Celiacs in the House?  If not, I definitely recommend you check it out.  Every Friday in […]

Gluten Free Menu Plan – Week of January 23

Before I share this week’s menu plan, I have quite a bit of catching up to do!  It’s been a busy week trying to finish up my “little” house painting project but somehow I managed to steal some time on Facebook and have a few things to share with you. Gluten Free Samoas First up […]

Gluten Free Menu Plan – Week of January 16 (And a Few Other Things)

Well, my “wish it were spring” spring cleaning in the kitchen earlier this week helped me realize that my house would be brighter and more “idea-inducing” if my walls were a little lighter. Makes sense, right? So in typical ADHD Hurricane Heidi fashion, the last three days have seen multiple trips to Lowe’s, two five-gallon […]