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Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom is a personal blog written and edited by me, Heidi Kelly.

Yes, free products are one of my job perks

As a blogger, I have accepted complimentary products for review on my website (effective August 1, 2012: I no longer accept complimentary products for review on this website) but my opinions of a product have never been colored by the fact that a company sent them to me for free.  My reputation is not worth $5 – $10 of free gluten free processed food!  And for good measure, I often sought the opinions of my friends and family to share in my product reviews as well.  Taste is subjective, so just because I may (or may not have) enjoyed a particular product, it is not a guarantee that you will agree with my assessment. 😉

Paid Advertising

Effective November, 2011, this blog will begin accepting paid forms of advertising.  I have exclusive control over the ads that appear on my website and I will only allow advertisements from companies I believe in and fit the content of my blog.

Affiliate Links

Occasionally I will link to products (or services) on my blog that I either own or have used…and that I like.  I will never, ever…ever recommend a product that I haven’t used personally (or that I don’t like) just to make a few bucks – this blog is my hobby and my passion, it is not a means of self promotion (I don’t sell anything) nor is it a means of supporting myself or my family.  Basically, I don’t have to earn money from this website in order to survive but I would like to earn money so that I can do more self hosted giveaways for my readers as well as donate money to gluten free causes I believe in.  (And my husband would love it if my “hobby” paid for itself, LOL!)

It is important to know that with affiliate links your price does not increase, but I will earn a small commission off the sale of those products.

Dr. Vikki Petersen and HealthNOW Medical Center

I often share my family’s medical experience with Dr. Vikki Petersen and the wonderful team at HealthNOW Medical Center.  Dr. Vikki also contributes to this blog through her Ask Dr. Vikki series.  I am in no way affiliated with HealthNOW Medical Center (other than being a patient).  I do not now, nor have I ever, received any form of payment, be it through money or discounted medical care, from Dr. Vikki or anyone else associated with HealthNOW in exchange for sharing my experience and personal opinions.

For questions about this blog, please contact me at heidi AT adventuresofaglutenfreemom DOT com.