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Boston’s Gourmet Pizza, an update

I received a very nice email from the Manager who assisted me at Boston’s Gourmet Pizza last week after I was accidentally “glutened.” I wanted to share with everyone the email and the steps that the Albuquerque Boston’s has taken to see that this will hopefully not happen again. It puts a smile of gratitude […]

Boston’s Gourmet Pizza Review

**Warning: this post is LONG!** Okay, so yesterday I was going to post my review of Boston’s Gourmet Pizza and their new gluten free menu. After a couple of months of “research” and bragging to all my GF friends about how great Boston’s GF pizza is, I was finally ready to make my post. As […]

Gluten-Free in Columbus, Ohio

A quick shout out to my hometown although I am actually from Westerville, Ohio; a suburb of Columbus.  I found this website from a post on the Silly Yak Yahoo Group.  So, to all my friends back home who have asked me about the gluten-free diet, and to all the Buckeye Fans in town for […]

Triumph Dining

If you do not have them already, you simply MUST get a copy of Triumph Dining’s Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide and Gluten-Free Dining Cards.  I have recently received my 3rd edition of the restaurant guide and bought a second set of the dining cards.  I could not live without them.  The restaurant guide is updated annually, […]