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Pizza 9 Gluten-Free Pizza Review & Kitchen Tour

We have been enjoying Pizza 9’s gluten-free pizzas for a few months now, and my boys LOVE to have it delivered (the little things in life)! ūüėÄ First, About Pizza 9: Pizza 9 was created by Hasan (Hass) A. Aslami along with Behrad (Rod) Etemadi. The original Pizza 9 opened on October 1, 2008 at […]

Pranzo Italian Grill, A Gluten-Free Experience

A few weeks ago, I gathered my brood for a day of fun and adventure in Santa Fe, NM.¬† We boarded the New Mexico RailRunner Express for the first time and the boys had a lot of fun riding the train from Albuquerque to Santa Fe. I never realized just how blue the sky could […]

An Educational Gluten-Free Restaurant Experience

I think I have made it clear in the past that I do not eat out often, and I really don’t, maybe a couple of times a month, if that.¬† I assume a personal risk each and every time I dine out, as cross-contamination lurks everywhere, despite the best intentions to lower that risk.¬† I […]

Having Fun in Columbus, Ohio

I think I have gained 100 pounds since I arrived in Columbus 2 days ago.¬† I feel like Violet Beauregard, the blueberry girl from the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! I am having a great time trying new restaurants but it is so COLD and wet outside, I can’t walk it off…¬† well, […]

Indigo Crow Cafe

Last night Mike and I went out to dinner with some close friends to a magnificent restaurant, Indigo Crow Cafe, in the quaint little village of Corrales, NM. I cannot believe that I had never been before! From start to finish, it was an amazing experience. I called yesterday afternoon and spoke with Don Raber, […]

Boston’s Gourmet Pizza, an update

I received a very nice email from the Manager who assisted me at Boston’s Gourmet Pizza last week after I was accidentally “glutened.” I wanted to share with everyone the email and the steps that the Albuquerque Boston’s has taken to see that this will hopefully not happen again. It puts a smile of gratitude […]

Boston’s Gourmet Pizza Review

**Warning: this post is LONG!** Okay, so yesterday I was going to post my review of Boston‚Äôs Gourmet Pizza and their new gluten free menu. After a couple of months of ‚Äúresearch‚ÄĚ and bragging to all my GF friends about how great Boston‚Äôs GF pizza is, I was finally ready to make my post. As […]