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Rolling Boulders and a Giveaway Winner

I want to say thanks to all of you for the many kind comments to my recent post.  In the weeks to come, I hope to post more thoughts of mine on all things gluten-free.

For the guys out there who don’t feel comfortable leaving a comment on this blog, you can now contact me directly at mike AT adventuresofaglutenfreemom DOT com.  It’s a long address, I know, but you have my personal assurance that all correspondence will be kept strictly confidential.  I think it would be helpful to all of us (I know it would for me) to develop a tight forum of our own, if for nothing else than to share frustrations and concerns, as well as victories.

I read a lot of books.  So I am hoping to do a few book reviews along the way.  But I would like some feedback (especially from the guys) on what types of posts you would like to see.  The field is wide open, but I am thinking of the following:

1) Being the father of GF kids

2) Navigating the business lunches and dinners when you are gluten-free

3) Book reviews

4) Funny encounters with the “outside world”

5) The state of modern medicine (my job gives me a little inside info here)

6) Random quirky Mike stuff

Anything goes, so please let me know what you would like to see.

And for those of you who don’t know and didn’t take the time to look it up, Sisyphus was a character from Greek mythology who was cursed to roll a boulder up a hill, almost reach the top, only to see it roll back down and have to start again.  Pretty much describes everyone’s lifestyle, huh?  The more we try to fit in, the larger they make the boulder.  So my solution is to look at the gods and tell them that I’m not going to roll that boulder up the hill again, so they can just give that curse to someone else.  I’M NOT PLAYING THAT GAME ANYMORE!

Now, on to the winner of the MyFoodMyHealth Giveaway.

I used the random number generator to pick the winner and that person is:

#45 Tara

Congratulations Tara!  The kind folks over at MyFoodMyHealth will be in contact with you shortly to provide you with the information to start your free 3-trial! 😀


  1. Hi Mike!

    I'm loving hearing things from your perspective.

    I'm curious how you deal with your kids when they are upset about having so many food allergies. I'm 23 and struggle with feeling left out at lunches/dinners and having drinks.

    Usually when I'm at business lunches/dinners, I grab a salad. What do you usually do and how do you make people understand why you went gluten free?

    Keep it up!


    Oh, do you ever cheat? 😉

    • I mean cheat by eating gluten…

      ::smacks hand to forehead::

      • ROFL!! Thank you Lindsay, I so needed a good belly laugh! 😀

        And I knew exactly what you meant…I can recall a several similar instances of my own when I first began to acknowledge my "cheating years."


    • Mike will respond too but I just wanted to say that I'm 37 and I still struggle feeling left out sometimes. Not so much with my girlfriends or people I don't know very well but definitely when it comes to my family: my parents, sisters and their families. I am the only diagnosed celiac among my parents and sisters and while they try to be sensitive about our situation, when it comes to the holidays, family traditions are preferred over our company. This is something I continue to struggle with to this day, nearly six years after my diagnosis. It is also one of the primary reasons I cheated for the first 3 years. My mom refused to make accommodations for my new medically necessary diet and because I still yearned for all that I felt I had lost, I put my own health at risk just to feel included in my family again.

      Once my health began to deteriorate and after losing my uncle to non-Hodgkins lymphoma (a SERIOUS reality check on what gluten can do to a sensitive person), I promptly sought out professional help to help me overcome the emotional issues that were holding me back from embracing my new path in life. The best gift I ever gave to myself.

      I can only imagine how challenging it must be at your age, managing both a career and a social life. I also can't imagine what it is like for college students or how it might feel to go on a first date with someone…dreading how the other person might perceive the ordering process.

      I would LOVE to hear more from teens and people in their early 20's like yourself, I don't think there is nearly enough of that perspective out here on the web.

    • "Struggle with feeling left out." I can echo that.

      You sure do learn who your "real" friends are quickly.

      I think my next post will be an business meals, so stay tuned!

  2. Hi Mike,

    I am VERY interested in hearing how you handle business lunches. This has been a HUGE struggle for me, as I am not comfortable doing the food server quiz in front of people that I am having a business lunch with that I just met. And even when I try to go on the safe side by ordering salads, there is always a risk.

    Thanks Rhonda

  3. I'm am struggling right now because my children want to go us to go on vacation with them. I remember the last time we went out for breakfast at I-Hop and all I could get was a dish of fruit while everyone was enjoying a great breakfast. I sat there and was about to cry. So now I don't know if I want to go anywhere. My family is very supportive, but they still have there favorites. My granddaughters birthday is coming up and everyone wants pizza from our favorite place so I will be having a grilled chicken salad. Birthday cake is another thing, but I am mastering my desserts pretty good. Well I guess I cryed on your shoulder long enough but I know how you feel at family gathering.

    Thanks for listening, thats why I love your sight.

    • We can relate to that in this household, Tookie. I definitely understand the "chicken salad syndrome;" most of my business meetings are that way. I'll write more on this in my next post.

  4. i am 24 and i have only been gluten free since september of 2009…i am still struggling…at this point i really hate eating..that is not a good place for a type 1 diabetic to be standing….because of the other health problems i have faced as a side effect of my celiac, i am still living with my parents at this time…my family doesn't seem to get the whole cross contamination issue and it makes it really hard to eat at all…judging by my gene testing, nobody in that house should be eating gluten period…i have a gene from my mom and a gene from my dad…oish…any tips on how to approach this issue ?

    p.s. thank you guys for the wonderful site, it's been a life saver !


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