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Halloween Cupcakes for the Preschool Set

I made more cupcakes for Luke’s Halloween party at school tomorrow, but I toned it down a bit in the body part category!  Two year olds can “spook” easily. 🙂 Incoming search terms:halloween cupcakes ideas (16)halloween cupcake ideas (15)halloween cupcake decorating ideas (15)halloween cup cakes (13)halloween cupcakes decorating ideas (9)cupcakes halloween ideas (7)Thanksgiving Cupcake Ideas […]

Halloween Cupcakes

I made some “spooky” gluten-free cupcakes to send to Sam’s class today and thought I would share what a lot of sugary icing and body parts gummy candy can do! Sam loves Halloween and so do I. This time of year, I just let go and allow myself to be a kid again. To run […]