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A New Gluten Free Product from Italy: GlutenOut

I am VERY excited to share with you a new (to the US) gluten-free product line from Italy called GlutenOutGlutenOut is a full line of high quality frozen specialty gluten-free foods, made in Italy and imported to the United States, thanks to Antonio and Michele of Bye, Bye Gluti!

Antonio recently sent me a complimentary sampling of several GlutenOut products and I have to say, we have had a delightful time eating our way through them!  First, I’d like to share with you a little about GlutenOut (from the English version of the website):

H&H Quality Food S.p.A. was founded in year 2000 by Mr Nicolò Angileri, General Manager, with the idea to accommodate those who suffer from coeliac disease by helping these living an existence free from gluten.

GlutenOut® is an innovative product line of high quality, made from raw materials free from gluten, certified from origin and with dietetic flour carefully chosen for each product. GlutenOut represents a wide range of specialities made with an almost craftmanslike love and passion, which can easily be aquired in pharmacies as well as supermarkets.

H&H Quality Food is dedicated exclusively to the production of frozen food free from gluten which offers several guarantees to the user of the product:

NUTRITIONAL VALUES: the dietetic flour used in our products guarantees an optimal nutritional balance in the final product.

FREEZING: by using a blast chiller, of latest generation, the specialities from Glutenout freezes within few minutes, which insures that the taste from the ingredients remains perfectly intact, and that the organic characteristics remains unchanged in advantage to the quality of the final product. The continuous freezing of the product through the whole chain of distribution guarantees the maintenance of the products by keeping it from exceeding a temperature of max. -18°C. Every speciality offered from Glutenout is guaranteed to be gluten free and to be an extraordinary gastronomic pleasure.

H&H Quality Food is authorized by the Italian Ministry of Health to produce particular food according to the decree legislative: 111 of 27 January 1992.

It was Antonio’s wife, Michele, a celiac and professional Pastry Chef who first fell in love with GlutenOut’s Tiramisù while traveling in Italy.  She enjoyed them so much, she couldn’t imagine going without once she returned home, so she and her husband found a way to import the GlutenOut products for all of us to experience!  For more of Michele’s story visit Bye, Bye Gluti’s website.

The first product we tried was the Trofie.  I was intrigued with this shaped pasta, as I have never heard of it before.  I did a Google Search to learn more about it and that was when I discovered the blog Helen’s Kitchen.  Helen explained that Trofie is Ligurian pasta, made from flour and water, no eggs.  Liguria is a coastal region of northwestern Italy, and the third smallest of the Italian regions.  The capital of Liguria is Genoa, home of Christopher Columbus.

I decided to try Helen’s recipe for Basil Pesto because it had a unique twist, the addition of butter.

Seeing that I still couldn’t taste a thing from my sinus infection, I relied on the feedback of Mike and the kids.  We all enjoyed the texture of the GlutenOut Trofie pasta and Mike could immediately tell that something was different with the pesto. A difference that he really enjoyed because he thought the butter balanced out the basil and garlic in the pesto.  The boy’s cleaned their plates without a fuss and Sam was disappointed that there wasn’t enough for leftovers!

With the Bignè, which is made from a Pâte à choux pastry dough, I made cream puffs to serve over the holiday weekend.  Everyone loved them, even my mom who is not a fan of most gluten-free foods, I think she had 4 of them! 😀 The entire plate was gone in minutes.

Last night I used the Gnocchi to make a Turkey Sausage-Gnocchi Soup from a recipe I found on Cooking Light (I followed the recipe, but also added some sauteed zucchini).  This was the first time I have ever had Gnocchi, so I have nothing to compare it to, but it left a great first impression.  The texture was perfect and Sam picked all the Gnocchi out of the soup (tried to bypass the vegetables) and asked for more.

The Pantondi reminded us of little hamburger buns, so Mike made some sliders one day for lunch on afternoon:

The bread was pretty good, but you need to bake it in the oven first, it is not a bread that you eat straight from the package.

The pizzas were the only product we sampled that did not receive great fanfare, mostly because we prefer a thin, crispy crust and the GlutenOut pizzas has a softer, thicker crust, but that is simply a matter of preference.  The pizzas are also not “Americanized” with loads of toppings, but that was simply rectified by adding more of our own.

A slice of a Pizzette’s without topping modification (above).

The Pizza Margherita and the Pizza alle Verdure didn’t survive shipping very well (the following are pictures of the still frozen pizzas):

We added more sauce and toppings before baking the Pizza Margherita (above).

The Pizza alle Verdure (above) comes with a grilled vegetable topping consisting of red peppers, eggplant and zucchini, which is why I presume my clan didn’t take to it much, they are Pepperoni kids! 😀

The Torta al Cioccolato was a definite favorite of ours.  It is a light chocolate cake with small pieces of almonds and hazelnuts.

This is a small cake, it did not quite fill one of my salad plates, but you do not need much; a small slice is the perfect sweet ending to meal.  Luke was in heaven!

**If you have other dietary restrictions, be sure to read all the ingredient labels of GlutenOut products before ordering.  Many contain dairy and other allergens.

Bye, Bye Gluti! is offering some PROMO Codes and additional discounts on qualifying purchases of GlutenOut products.

Would you like a chance to try some FREE GlutenOut products for yourself?  Just visit Bye, Bye Gluti between now and July 15, 2010 and enter for a chance to win one of four prize packages of GlutenOut products!

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  1. wow! those look sooooo good! those cream puffs look a-mazing!=0)

  2. Oh my goodness, my little Italian self just got very excited!! I'm dying for some of that Tiramisu 🙂 I'm going to have to order some of these products soon.

  3. Glad that your family had fun eating their way through these goodies. 🙂 I've never heard of the company before, but now I can refer support group members here if anyone asks about its products. The gnocchi soup, cream puffs, and chocolate cake look really good!


  4. Oooh…this stuff sounds fantastic!! 🙂