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The Grainless Baker Product Review

I am soooo behind on my product reviews! My kids are back in school on Tuesday (love them dearly, but I am ready to stop playing referee! 🙂 ) and I will be trying to catch up quickly because I have some very cool recipes to share!

I received some complimentary products from The Grainless Baker a few weeks ago to review on my blog.  I received the Sandwich Bread, Graham Crackers, and the Raspberry Butterfly Cookies.

First up, the Sandwich Bread. I have to admit, I went into trying this bread without high expectations, well, not even low expectations if I am to be completely honest. Once I found Udi’s, I pretty much quit trying new GF breads and I also quit trying to making it because I couldn’t imagine anyone topping it, especially me so why not just stop there?! 🙂 Well, I am thankful for having received a free sample of sandwich bread from The Grainless Baker because otherwise I would not have gone through the effort or the cost to try another GF bread. While I do not think they have topped Udi’s, I think they come very close in matching Udi’s.

Anyway, as I pulled out a slice of the bread, I was taken by surprise… it was pliable! That certainly got my attention! 😀

Tossing my expectations (or lack thereof) aside, I decided to just go for it and tore a small piece off and ate it without putting it in the microwave or toasting it beforehand. Wow, it was really good! To be sure my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me, I pulled out a slice of my beloved Udi’s to do a side by side comparison. The most noticeable difference between the two breads was size. The Grainless Baker sandwich bread appeared to be closer in size to standard gluten containing bread while Udi’s sandwich bread was smaller. This really doesn’t make much of a difference to me but as the mother of small children, I sometimes like to use a cookie cutter to make sandwich shapes for the boys school lunches (well, make that Luke, Sam would be mortified if I did that now that he is in Kindergarten!). Most of my cookie cutters are too big for the Udi’s bread but I can cut slightly bigger shapes out of The Grainless Baker bread without decapitating the dinosaurs and teddy bears! 😉 The taste is very comparable to Udi’s but I think The Grainless Baker bread is a tad bit more dense, but only a tad. The Grainless Baker is also a bit more expensive, at $5.66/loaf (less shipping) but it is also bigger, so it probably all works out. Overall, we really liked the bread and it makes me so happy to know that the gluten-free community is getting more options!

The Grainless Baker bread is on the left and Udi's is on the right.

Next, the Graham Crackers. Normally, I use Kinnikinnick’s S’moreables, which I think are a very close carbon copy to the gluten version of graham crackers in taste and texture. The Grainless Baker graham crackers are softer in texture and lack the crispy crunch that most people are used to when it comes to a graham cracker. This is not a bad thing but if you can get that expectation out of your head, you may be more open to liking them as a graham “cookie” vs. a graham “cracker.” A really big bonus in my book is the fact that these graham crackers have a cinnamon topping and Kinnikinnick does not offer that flavor. Think Honey Maid Cinnamon graham crackers, only cinnamon graham “cookies.” These would be great to use if you have a recipe calling for a cinnamon graham cracker crust. I also think these would be great for a new eater to nibble/gum on. I wish they had these when Luke was about 11 months old! On a whim, I decided to try these as an ice cream sandwich. Using some vanilla bean coconut milk ice cream, I sandwiched the ice cream between two of the cinnamon graham crackers and froze them. Pretty good!

Lastly, the Raspberry Butterfly Cookies. This is a more difficult product to review because what it really comes down to is taste. If you like sweets at all, you may be a certain type of sweet eater. While some people are more for chocolate others may prefer baked goods like pie or you may be a downright candy eater. I am not much of a “sweets” person myself and if I do have a craving… it’s for Haribo Gummy Bears. Mike is a chocolate/peanut butter guy, Luke is all chocolate and Sam is an anything but chocolate kid. So, here is the breakdown on the Raspberry Butterfly cookies from the Kelly household:

Me: They were too sweet for me. If the raspberry filling had more of a tart punch, I would have embraced them more.

Mike: Thought they were pretty good. He said that if they were out at a party and he tried one, he would probably go back for a second, but he wasn’t into them enough to order them.

Sam: Sam liked the cookies quite a bit, in fact he asked for them as his dessert in his lunchbox everyday for a week.

Luke: No chocolate, so he wouldn’t even try them.


  1. I recently tried the Grainless Baker hamburger and hot dog buns. We were really happy with them when we heated them up. I didn't realize they had other products. I'm going to try the bread after reading your review. I have also stopped baking bread and trying others since Udi's. One other to try is Katz's sliced challah bread. It is soft and tasty! Thanks for the review. Jen

    • Hi Jen!

      I saw the hamburger buns on their website and they look awesome, just like a regular hamburger bun that you would find in the grocery store. I will have to try them. I also believe that Udi's is supposed to be launching hamburger and hot dogs buns one day…can't wait! It is certainly a new day to be gluten-free. 🙂

  2. Yum. You got me with the graham crackers. That's one thing I am missing already on this new GF diet of ours. Can't wait to check this company out a little more

  3. Mikki,

    If you are missing "real" graham crackers… you've gotta try Kinnikinnick's S'moreables! They are the closest thing to "real" graham crackers that I have found thus far. They make really good S'mores too! I am pretty lucky in that a local store carries them, so I do not have to order online. Here is a link to a place that is currently having a sale, at $3.79/box (not sure about shipping though).… If you like them, try asking a local store to start carrying them, I have done this many times and they have been happy to do so.

    How long have you been gluten-free?