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Sandwich Petals: Gluten-Free Flatbread Product Review

What are Sandwich Petals? According to the website, they are the “original gluten-free flatbread.” Well, that might lead one to think of something a little bit thicker, like a pita bread but they are definitely much more like a tortilla or sandwich wrap.

The Sandwich Petals come in 3 flavors:

  1. Spinach and Garlic Pesto
  2. Chimayo Red Chile
  3. Agave Grain

I believe that they are called petals because they are shaped like a flower petal. Although Sam is convinced they look more like a football, which is a good thing in my book because when you are 6, if something looks cool to eat, then they will eat it… even when it is packed full of nutrition! 🙂 And can I tell you about the nutrition in the Sandwich Petals! Each petal has only 90 calories, 1 gram of fat, 3 grams of fiber, and only 4 grams of sugar. They also have Omega 3’s and prebiotics. They are even shelf-stable for 30 days without refrigeration! Woo Hoo! Sandwich Petals are also virtually free of the 8 top allergens: they contain no dairy, egg, peanut, tree nut, shellfish, soy or wheat. They do contain fish (a portion of the Omega 3’s is derived from tuna oil). They also contain corn if that is a concern for you.

One of the aspects of the Sandwich Petals that I like are the size. Each petal is approximately 8 1/2″ x 6″ at their widest points. Other brands of wraps can be too big, especially for little hands. The texture is great too and they are extremely pliable (see below for a picture of the pinwheels I made, that should demonstrate the pliability pretty well! I know a lot of us miss flour tortillas (well, at least I have for certain things) and while I would not go so far to say that these are a replica of the gluten version of flour tortillas, (probably because there isn’t any shortening or lard in them) they do have the “bendability” of a flour tortilla (whereas a corn tortilla can be more fragile). They are best served gently reheated. I nuke mine in the microwave for 30 seconds at 50% power.

Spinach Garlic Pesto: This is Mike’s personal favorite (I cannot commit to either this or the Chimayo Red Chile as my favorite, I guess it would depend on my mood or what I am making), but they are both AWESOME! Sam and Luke both liked the Spinach Garlic Pesto too. You would not guess that spinach is in the wrap. If you like pesto, you will love these wraps. The flavor is amazing and I have been making sandwich wraps with them using Boar’s Head Low Sodium Deli Turkey, Romaine Lettuce and Tomato slices. Here is what is so cool about the flavored wraps: there is so much flavor that you do not need to add a fattening condiment like mayo or Ranch dressing! I also think these would be great with grilled chicken, shrimp or portobello mushrooms, pretty much anything you can imagine eating with a pesto sauce. The website even offers the suggestion of using them as lasagna “noodles”!

Another great idea? A healthier (and gluten-free of course) alternative to McDonald’s Snack Wraps! I just had one for lunch and it consisted of 4 chicken nuggets from Allergy Free Foods (the only chicken nuggets we buy, they are that good!) and a slice of Romaine lettuce, all wrapped in a Spinach Garlic Pesto Sandwich Petal! McDonald’s version has Cheese and Ranch “Sauce” which contributes (among other things) added fat and calories. My version did not have a sauce (or cheese) because the flavor was all in the wrap. If you want to add moisture (which I do not think it needs) you could add fresh tomato slices which are fat free and very close to calorie free!

Turkey Wrap

Chicken Nugget Wrap

Chimayo Red Chile: First I must say they get an A++ for spelling chile correctly. Chile is for the pepper and the country. Chili is for the stew/soup, like chili con carne (sorry, major pet peeve of mine!). Moving along, if you are not a fan of spicy or hot foods, do not be concerned. The wraps only have the earthy flavor of the red chile and not the heat of the chile. I am not saying this because I live in New Mexico and have evolved into a high heat tolerant person, it is quite the contrary! I grew up in Ohio and my idea of Mexican food (prior to moving to New Mexico) was Taco Bell.  Thankfully, I was taken under the wing of a banquet manager buddy at the hotel I used to work for, (and who so affectionately referred to me as “güera,” a.k.a. blonde) and he taught me the difference between a raw jalapeno and a pickled jalapeno. It’s funny, when I moved here, I thought a pickled jalapeno was how they came in nature. 🙂 But there is a BIG difference! I only wish I had known this before meeting my brother-in-law for the first time and he challenged me to a jalapeno duel. I thought I had it in the bag and would impress the heck out of my future B-I-L but unfortunately for me I was thinking of the pickled jalapeno and not a raw jalapeno. Long story short, I ended up submerging my tongue in a bowl of sour cream to get relief from the pain! 10 years later, and I am still the butt of the joke! 😀 So trust me, this flavor of wrap has zero heat, in case you are sensitive to that.

I have used the Chimayo Red Chile Sandwich Petal for sandwich wraps, breakfast burritos, Huevos Rancheros and even pinwheels!

Seriously, The Red Chile Chimayo Sandwich Petals barely made it a day before being gobbled up!

Agave Grain: This flavor was not as well received in our house as was the case for the other two flavors. I think this is because of two things. One, of the 10 different grains that make up the petals, 3 are grains that I have a taste aversion to: Sorghum, Millet and Amaranth. Second, they are a bit too sweet for me and the Agave Nectar does not mask the flavor of the previous mentioned grains that I am not fond of. Mike liked them, so it really just depends on what you like. I made Sam a PB&J roll-up with these and he liked it (at least he said he did, but that is what he said about the Brussels Sprouts too! 😉 ). Either which way, Sorghum, Millet and Amaranth are amazing grains that add a lot of fiber (click on the highlighted links to see a full nutritional profile for each grain) to the gluten-free diet. This is one of the benefits of the Pesto and Red Chile flavors for people like me. Think of it in terms of the cookbooks “Deceptively Delicious” and “The Sneaky Chef,” I am sneaking healthier grains into my diet and loving it!

Through the end of January, if you order one box of Sandwich Petals (it is a variety pack containing 36 wraps), you get another box for FREE! That is 72 wraps for $25.00 plus free shipping! Keep one for yourself and give one to a friend or your local food bank! Check out what Gluten Free Dee has posted on her website about the first gluten free food bank in Loveland, CO. It just makes you feel good. 🙂


  1. These sound delicious! Will have to look for some to try out.
    I've done some product and book reviews on another blog I have. Would love to do something yummy like this!!

  2. Yum! They sound very good!

  3. I can't wait till I can try some. Just have to decide what flavor to get.

    • Mary, as of right now, the Sandwich Petals come in a variety pack, 12 of each flavor, plus you get a free box through the end of January when you buy one…and free shipping too! They will eventually be selling the petals by the separate flavors, but they are so new, they are not at that point yet.

      Let me know what you think of them!

  4. The sandwich Petals are outstanding. It makes it fun and enjoyable to make a sandwich. They are soft and bend easily without breaking. They have great flavor and are amazing I love them

    You have got to try these they are out of this world

  5. I have been buying these wonderful wraps at our local grocery store, (Bashas') here in Sedona for a few months and all of a sudden, they are unavailable. The gal who is in charge of the natural foods section keeps attempting to re-order them, but nothing ever arrives. It's sad because they really are great!


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