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Gluten-Free Baguettes

I found this recipe in the October/November 2008 issue of Living Without Magazine.  I made the bread for a dinner party and let everyone else taste test while I hid in the kitchen bracing myself for another gluten-free bread baking disappointment!  Imagine my surprise when the “glutenators” started saying how good the bread was, even my mom even liked it (which says a lot!). 😉

Here is the link to the High-Protein Flour Blend*

Here is the link to the recipe: Gluten-Free Baguettes

*I triple the quantities for the high-protein flour blend and store in an airtight container in my freezer that way I can just grab it when I need it.

The flours I use are as follows:

1¼ cups Garfava Flour (3 3/4 cups if you triple it)
1 cup Cornstarch (3 cups)
1 cup Expandex Modified Tapioca Starch (3 cups)
1 cup Superfine White Rice Flour (3 cups)

Tip: I ONLY use the Superfine Rice Flours, it greatly improves the texture…zero grittiness.  I have heard that you can buy the superfine rice flours at Asian markets as well, but be careful in regards to cross contamination.

You will also need a baguette pan.

I just discovered a tip for rising bread: put the bread in a cold oven with a 9 x 13 pan of boiling water and shut the door. It worked great!

Another tip for getting a nice crunchy crust: place a small ovenproof bowl with approximately 1/2 to 1 cup warm water on the lowest rack in preheated oven.  Bake bread in lower third of the oven.  After bread has baked for 15 minutes, carefully remove the bowl, then finish baking until the internal temperature reaches 180° F.

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  1. When I click on the baguette recipe it comes up page not found. It would have to wait a while anyway as I don't have baguette pans. Really looks great!

  2. Is there something that I can use in place of the rice flour? Not only am I gluten free, but I also have a rice allergy.


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