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Navigating A Birthday Party When Your Child is Gluten Free

Sam went to his first birthday party of the school year this past weekend.  Sam is new to this school and when he got the invitation he was really excited to go.  I noticed the hours of the party were around lunch time so we called to confirm that lunch was being served and when we found out it was pizza, we got down to work.

I just love Udi’s pizza crusts, not only are they the best GF pizza crusts I have ever had, they are awfully darn convenient and fit perfectly in my pizza box!


First I top the Udi's crust with Ragu or Great Value brand pizza sauce


then with shredded mozzarella cheese and canned mushrooms (do not discard the juice...freeze in an ice cube tray for future condensed mushroom soup!)


I swear this is what everyone loves about my pizza...fresh cut pepperoni, not the super thin presliced stuff, it is amazing the difference in taste)




Growing up in Ohio, a lot of pizza places cut the pizza in squares...I still do that


Into the box it goes


How to Navigate a Bithday Party When Your Child is Gluten Free

Now for the cupcake…


All the components


"Burping" the icing


I try to "bakery-itize it." A little flair over the traditional spread on with a knife icing


Sam's "Cup-A-Cake" transporter



And off to the party for a great time!

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  1. I think you might be the coolest Mom on earth! Seriously! You go above & beyond for Sam. He is very lucky to have you as a Mom.

  2. Thank you Kim, that comment put tears in my eyes. I know it may seem over-the-top but I am seizing the moment in regards to Sam's age. I am not sure when this phenomenon wears off because he is my oldest…but I have found that if all the other boys think that what makes Sam "different" is actually cool, especially if they want to be part of it, then it boosts Sam's self-esteem and helps him embrace who he is, and stick to his diet. Like the "Darth Vader" latex gloves for art and cooking class at school…black gloves are cool and white gloves are embarrassing. I even sent in extra gloves so his classmates could be Darth Vaders too.

    I know this will only work for so long before it starts to embarrass him so I am enjoying it while I can! 🙂

  3. You are a great Mom, I try and follow a nearly GF diet for my son and it is so hard. He loves burgers and I cannot find a roll that he likes or sandwhich bread either. Where did you get the cool pizza box?

  4. What a great idea! I am totally borrowing this for future parties for our children. Where did you find your fabulous pizza box?

  5. At our last trip to the allergist, we confirmed that my 2 year old son has a severe wheat allergy (i.e. he can't breathe when he eats it!), and I am *finally* embracing the idea of eating wheat free in my household. I can't tell you how inspirational your website has been. I feel like "I CAN DO THIS" … despite living in a society that revolves around wheat products – especially for children. Thanks for sharing your stories, ideas, and amazing recipes!