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The St. James Tea Room

For my fellow Albuquerqueans: The St. James Tea Room is holding a gluten free event with Dr. Robert Downs of R. Downs Nutrition Center:

Announcing The St James Special Event

Historic Grains of our area & Gluten-free Christmas Baking

Featuring: St. James’ Chef Susan Zimmerman

Dr. Robert Downs, of R. Downs Nutrition Center

Thursday, November 19


Full Afternoon Tea, 11 years old and up $40

Savor Full Afternoon Tea, December’s regular menu made especially for you, Gluten-free. St. James’ Chef, Susan Zimmerman will share with you some holiday baking recipes, to utilize for your holiday baking, just in time for Christmas! At this Special Event you will have the opportunity to sample these wonderful baked treats.

Take in an educational talk from Dr. Robert Downs as he discusses ancient and historic grains, nuts, legumes, seeds, etc. that can be used in a Gluten Free diet.

Just as all plants adapt to their environment over thousands of years to assure their survival.

Humans also sometimes have to learn to adapt to their current environment.  Adapting to a new paradigm in diet can be traumatic to some but an enjoyable journey for others.  Shall we discuss a more enjoyable approach to Gluten Free!  I think yes!!

To make reservations or call: 505-242-3752

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