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So Lucky Gifts and A Gluten Free Halloween Giveaway!

While I’ve stopped accepting complimentary gluten free products to review on my website, I recently made an exception when Heather from So Lucky Gifts contacted me with an offer too tempting to refuse.  A gluten free, dairy free Halloween gift box containing c.h.o.c.o.l.a.t.e. 

My boys made it very clear they’d take me down if I had passed on that one.  And by clear, I mean a certain 5 year old held me hostage with his cap gun until I agreed – Luke doesn’t mess around when it comes to chocolate.  Like, ever.  Which will either, A). make some woman very happy one day to find a mate who shares a love of chocolate or, and the more likely scenario, B). make said mate very cranky when she goes for her monthly chocolate fix at 12:38 am…only to discover her secret stash has been hijacked.  Which, I think, is grounds for divorce.  If not, then it should be.  Just sayin’.  😉

Anyhoo…I digress.

Before I share all the sweet little details of the gluten free, dairy free Halloween goodies we received in our complimentary gluten free, dairy free Halloween gift box, allow me to first tell you about So Lucky Gifts (quote taken directly from the website):

The world of gluten free food is a vast and growing marketplace.  There is a dynamic offering of foods, both modified and naturally gluten free to select from- choices that can lead to disappointment if not carefully selected.  Our team painstakingly curates this expanding offering of foods into hand-selected, taste and performance tested gift collections.

We’ve tasted, cooked with, and served all the foods in our collections.  We ensure only the best gourmet products are part of our gift boxes, so purchase them with confidence.  There are no cardboard-like cookies or deflated breads.  We understand that texture is one of the most important differences between gluten free and conventional foods, and we offer only those that are almost indistinguishable with conventional foods (and many are even better!)

Additionally, and most importantly, all of our products are gluten free. We read ingredient lists, talk with the manufacturers and scrutinize their production procedures.  We provide ingredient information for each item in the box, so selecting items for those with multiple food allergies can be done with ease. (to learn more, click here)

So It’s Halloween Gift Box – Gluten Free, Dairy Free

So It’s Halloween Gift Box (gluten free and dairy free)

What it comes with (click on each link to read the ingredients):

What it costs: $22.99 plus $7.50 shipping

So Festive Halloween Gift Box – Gluten Free

So Festive Halloween Gift Box (gluten free)

What it comes with:

What it costs: $19.99 plus $7.50 shipping

The Verdict?

The gift box arrived beautifully packaged, albeit slightly dinged up from the shipping process (it happens from time to time).  The candy was a huge hit even though the chocolate pumpkin sucker did suffer a tad bit from the late autumn New Mexico heat (a natural hazard when shipping chocolate to the desert) – of course, that didn’t stop Luke in the least from devouring it on sight.  In 2.3 seconds, no less.

For the sake of complete honesty, I will say – straight up – that the cost seems a little high for what you actually get.  However, I think that’s fairly typical when it comes to gourmet gift baskets/boxes, gluten free or not.  You pay for convenience, pretty packaging and the giant smile it will undoubtedly put on someone’s face when they open it.

While I’m typically a DIY kinda gal when it comes to gifts like this (hey, when you’re feeding a gluten free family of four, 2 of whom are growing boys…some things just have to give!), I do think the So Lucky Gifts Halloween Gift Boxes would be a wonderful gift for grandparents to buy for their little gluten free grandgoblins.  Or for mom and dad to send to their gluten free college students living away from home (you’re never too old for Halloween candy!).

OR…you can enter now for a chance to win one of the above two Halloween gift boxes for FREE, courtesy of So Lucky Gifts!! 🙂

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  1. Decorating for halloween and trick or treating with the kids are my favorite parts of halloween.

  2. Trick or Treating! It’s so fun to see the cute costumes kids and their families come up with!!

  3. Love carving pumpkins

  4. Jenni Smith says

    Awesome items!!

  5. Such cute goodies! This will be my sons first gluten and dairy free Halloween and this would be great surprise.

  6. Diamond Design says

    While I don’t like taking them trick-or-treating, I love having trick-or-treaters come to my door. I love seeing the kid’s costumes, especially the creative, not purchased from a store costumes.

  7. I was recently diagnosed as gluten intolerent and my nephew has celiacs. I am so glad I found this site!

  8. Would it be vein to say my favorite part of Halloween is my birthday? If so, dressing up takes second place:)

  9. Barbra Baker says

    I love candy!!!

  10. My favorite part of Halloween is the pumpkin carving!

  11. I love seeing the happy little faces when they come to the door for trick or treat.

  12. The memories it creates!

  13. Trick or treating is the best part…seeing all the cute little kids all dressed up is the highlight of the night 🙂

  14. I have a real love/hate relationship with haunted houses!

  15. I love dressing up, so costume parties are my favourite!

  16. We love trick or treating because my oldest gets so excited about it!

  17. Trick or treating is my favorite and I gotta say those handpainted jack-o-lantern lollipops are adorable!

  18. We love dressing up for Halloween!

  19. trick or treating-love seeing the kids wear thanks

  20. THE CANDY!!! And Halloween themed baked goods!

  21. My favorite part of Halloween is definitely the decorations!

  22. Trick-or-treating. I like decorating outside and handing out goodies to the kids.

  23. The costumes!

  24. decorating the house! then sitting on the porch for trick or treat & seeing all the kiddos in costume :o)

  25. When I was a kid, obviously the trick or treating was the best part. Now, its fun to see the kids dressed up as I give out candy.

  26. Jamie Martin says

    Trick or treating!

  27. My favorite part of Halloween is the candy, of course. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!

  28. I am just learning about gluten free dairy free eating. It is nice to know companies like this exist

  29. costumes, no doubt.

  30. costumes are my favorite part.

  31. We dont celebrate Halloween here but my fav part of it as a kid was certainly dressing up. GREAT giveaway! My kids would love it.

  32. my favorite part is trick or treating of course!

  33. Me too, trick or tricking is the best part for me, I even stayed late at a tea party after this. I’m just curious because they served us a tulsi tea and I don’t even know what it is at all. I went looking it here at the net and found out about this one Should I believe it or do I need to stick on my green tea on the next event after this halloween?

  34. Heidi, miss your blogging. Hope all is well. Wondering if you are coming back to post. I use several recipes as favorites. Thanks kathy