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Archives for November 2011

Gluten-Free Easily and a Menu Plan

Originally, I was going to forgo publishing a menu plan this week as we are cleaning out our deep freezer to make rooms for the holidays (I’m little afraid to see what’s buried in that arctic abyss!), but the lovely Erin gave me a wonderful idea when she shared on my Facebook page that she also […]

How to Have The BEST Gluten-Free Thanksgiving and a Recipe Roundup

Whether you’re newly gluten-free or a seasoned veteran, there is always something new to be learned in this lifestyle.  Being gluten-free certainly keeps you on your toes, whether its the sudden (and unannounced) ingredient changes in processed foods or the serious concerns over cross-contamination of naturally gluten free grains.  Nope, the gluten-free diet is FAR […]

Candied Sweet Potatoes

I know I may be venturing into sensitive territory here, but I can’t seem to find a consensus on what to call this dish.  Candied Yams or Candied Sweet Potatoes?  While I know that yams and sweet potatoes are technically very different foods, it seems that Mother Nature has decided to make them so similar […]

How to Make The BEST Gluten-Free Turkey Gravy

What is Thanksgiving without the gravy?  Just an ordinary meal in my opinion.  I could honestly go without most of the Thanksgiving feast, as long as I have gluten-free sage dressing drowning in gluten-free turkey gravy.  And maybe some canned cranberry sauce.  Admit it, cranberry sauce is just not nearly as interesting when its not […]

Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac Disease: Westin’s Story

When my son Sam’s intestinal biopsy came back “negative” for celiac disease in 2008 (after his celiac blood tests were blatantly positive), I had a big decision to make.  To implement the gluten-free diet right away or allow him to continue eating gluten until he was “sick enough” that the gastroenterologist could obtain the appropriate […]

Gluten Free 101, Fat Elvis and a Menu Plan

Gluten-Free 101 Before I share this week’s menu plan, I want to let you know that I’ll be adding a new feature here at Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom called Gluten Free 101. A few times a month, I will get back to my glutadoodle roots by sharing a “just gluten-free” recipe or two, […]

Gluten-Free Sage Dressing (Updated)

This recipe was originally published in 2009, but I’ve updated it with new photos and substitution recommendations for accommodating additional allergens. This recipe for Sage dressing hails from my Grandma in Austin, Minnesota (hi Gram!).   It is without a doubt one of my favorite Schmidt family recipes and I have such fond memories of making […]

Celiac Disease: The Critical Role of Probiotics in Healing a Leaky Gut

  Dr. Vikki Petersen recently posted a new video, Celiac Disease: An Epidemic on the Rise and I want to share it with you because it is very important to understand that celiac disease gets “turned on” at some point in a person’s life…one is not born with celiac disease. In order to develop celiac […]

Detox for a good Cause with Some Delicious Smoothie and Juice Recipes

One cold January, 20+ bloggers came together for 31 days to share 31 nourishing and detoxifying smoothie, juice, and soup recipes.  The blogosphere buzzed with great new ways of upping the intake of fruit and vegetables to start the year off right. Gfree Mom’s January D-tox event was so well received that these 20+ bloggers […]