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Kickin’ Chicken Soup

Kickin' Chicken Soup, Recipe, Gluten-Free

My in-laws are the king and queen of soup recipes and this is one of my absolute favorites, perfect for a crisp autumn day like today…it will warm you right up!  Another bonus, it’s naturally gluten-free so there are no hard-to-find specialty products you need to buy or make ahead of time.  If you are newly gluten-free, I highly recommend seeking out recipes like this, where you do not have to make many modifications (and your brain is less likely to explode from reading 42-foot long ingredient labels and calling manufacturers all afternoon.  Time is precious.  Make it Simple.  Keep it Real.  If you need ideas, be sure to check out my weekly menu plans, I always link to naturally gluten-free recipes that anyone would love (g-free or not).

The following is the original recipe with my mother-in-law’s adjustments noted at the end.  Obviously, I now make it ours a little differently than I used to, omitting the corn and cheese, but we still enjoy it all the same.  I always quadruple the recipe so I have plenty of leftovers to store in my freezer for those days when I’m just not in the mood to cook (which seems to be happening a lot this year!).

Kickin Chicken Soup
From the Albuquerque Journal, January 2004

printable recipe


2 large, boneless Chicken Breasts

3 Tbs. Oil

1 large Onion, chopped

3 cloves Garlic, minced

1 Jalapeno Chile, minced

1 carton (32 oz) low-sodium Chicken Broth (when I can, I like to make my own bone broth, if I’m short on time, Kitchen Basics is the brand I buy, it tastes great and it’s allergen and corn-free!)

3 cups fresh or frozen Corn (omit for corn allergies)

1 can Black Beans (Eden Foods has BPA-Free cans)

Juice of 1 Lime

1 tsp. Salt or to taste (for corn allergies, make sure you use non-iodized salt)

½ teaspoon ground Red Pepper or Hot Sauce

Freshly ground Black Pepper

½ cup minced Cilantro

Shredded Monterey Jack Cheese, Tortilla Chips (optional)


1). Heat broiler, cook chicken, turning once, about 10 minutes.  Meanwhile, heat oil in stockpot over medium heat.  Add onion, garlic and chile; cook until soft, about 3 minutes.  Add broth, corn, beans, lime juice, salt and red and black pepper to taste.  Heat to boil; reduce heat to simmer.

2). Slice or shred cooked chicken; add to pot.  Add cilantro.  Heat through, about 1 minute.  Ladle into soup bowls; top each with shredded cheese and crumbled tortilla chips, if desired.

I made my own adjustments:

I prepared the chicken in the pressure cooker.  I removed the chicken and used the oil already there to begin cooking the onions, garlic and a CAN of jalapeno chiles.  When this has begun to cook, I add TWO cans of black beans, the corn, a large can of diced tomatoes, and the chicken broth.  I did not add the cilantro or the lime juice, because I was using what I had on hand. I also did not add the cheese or tortilla chips.

If I were planning ahead, I might use the lime juice and SOME cilantro.  However, everyone—family, fellow teachers at school, and friends—love it with my original variations.

Good eating,

Have a favorite naturally gluten-free soup recipe? 

Please share the recipe or include a link in the comment section below! 😀



  1. This soup looks and sounds fantastic! Thanks, Char and Heidi! And you know I love your message on keeping it simple and keeping it real, Heidi!



  2. What a beautiful soup! Looks delicious, too. I always like soups like this that I can have some and freeze some.

  3. Ooh, my husband would LOVE this. He's always adding the jalapenos when we go out for pho.

  4. I just mentioned to my boyfriend I would have to find a new chicken soup recipe now that I am avoiding gluten. Yay for finding you and your site! Thanks so much.

  5. Sounds yum! Imagine with some fresh avacado and tabasco sauce – delish! Thanks for this – I'll give it a try.

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