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Menu Plan – Week of September 5 (and Some Gluten Free Pita Bread…and a Gyro)

Monday: Labor Day BBQ

Tuesday: Shrimp Scampi and Green Goddess Green Bean and Tomato Salad (recipe to come)

Wednesday: Crockpot Smothered Round Steak my mom made this recipe often while I was growing up and it’s delicious!  I’ve obviously had to make a few tweaks since then but it still tastes exactly as I remember:  I now omit the flour altogether and use fresh mushrooms instead of the canned, I also use Pomi brand chopped tomatoes because they don’t contain citric acid, which is often derived from corn.  Of course, be sure to use gluten-free soy sauce (or try Coconut Aminos if you can’t have soy).  I will serve this over rice for my guys and zucchini “noodles” for me.

Thursday: Meyer Lemon Chicken (I LOVE this chicken recipe!!), Grilled Summer Squash and Heirloom Tomato Salad.

Friday: Broiled Salmon with Herb-Mustard Glaze, roasted broccoli and green salad.

Saturday: Greek Lamb Burgers with gluten-free pitas (see pic below) for my guys and lettuce-wrapped for me, Garlic Fries (I’ll use coconut oil instead of vegetable oil) and Green Salad

Sunday: Grilled Chicken and Summer Squash with Dairy-Free Basil Pistachio Pesto

I decided to pull out my long lost package of Better Batter Gluten Free Flour earlier this week and experiment with making gluten-free pita bread.  Much to my surprise, it was MUCH easier than I ever imagined it would be.  They turned out on the first try!

And while I really don’t eat gluten-free grains anymore (my guys still do), I don’t think I will ever be able to stop experimenting in my kitchen.  Even if the food never passes my lips.

You see, experiments like this remind me of how far I have come in the past 6 years.

Experiments like this are a tangible reminder that anything is possible.

Experiments like this tell me…Yes, I can.

And so can you.

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Soy-Free and Nut-Free Pita Bread

I followed this recipe for making pita bread, only I subbed Better Batter for the glutonium and used agave nectar instead of cane sugar.

And don’t be afraid to try the recipe with your favorite gluten-free flour blend. Remember, trying is half the fun!

Besides, how else will you be able to enjoy a gluten-free gyro? 😉

There is a really cool “science-y” recipe for making homemade gyro meat over at Serious Eats (it’s as close as the real thing in my memory).

I’m still tweaking the dairy-free tzatziki sauce, but I’m close, so stay tuned!

Hope ya’ll have a wonderful Labor Day! 😀


  1. Heidi-girl,

    YES, you've come a long way in 6 years! Wow, you've become a master at healthy cooking (and eating). I'm always so impressed with these menu plans of yours. It's important to be organized and prepared when you have so many dietary "restrictions," but you bring that to a new level! I'm definitely trying your Meyer lemon chicken and your pita bread looks amazing.

    Way to go, Heidi. Hope everyone is feeling good. You've made a lot of changes the past year. I'm anxious to hear the details.

    Have a happy, safe holiday!


    • Thanks Melissa! It's been a long road and a lot of hard work, but I can't think of anything that has been more rewarding for me. I'm proof positive that one is "never too old" to change. 😀



  2. my oldest was making pita bread today and i was wondering how to convert to gluten free….thanks 🙂

  3. Wow, that is awesome. I have been experimenting with making Pita's for this entire month. Not one ever turns out puffed and I end up using the result as flat bread. I bow down to your culinary excellence! 😉

    • Hi Lisa!

      I wish I could take credit for the GF pitas, but I think it had more to do with Better Batter GF flour than it did me. I can offer this though: make sure your oven is super hot! I baked my pitas on a stone that stays in my oven all the time and that may have actually made the oven temp. hotter than the recommended 500 deg. F. in the recipe (I have this stone:….

      I accidentally turned off my oven while I was in the process of making these (without noticing) and one of the pitas came out completely flat. Puzzled, I looked up and noticed the temperature had already dropped to 425 degrees, so if your oven is not hot enough, they're not going to poof up.

  4. Wow, I would never guess those pitas are GF!! Great job! What is better batter?

  5. Oh, man this looks so yummy! Thanks for your culinary expertise!!! I will have to try this. I was wondering where you can buy meyer lemons? I only see them online. Thanks, Tracy

    • I bought my Meyer Lemons at Whole Foods earlier this week, but I don't think they're technically in season yet. You will be more likely to find them from November – January. If you can't find any Meyer lemons, Kim recommends trying a mixture of lemon and mandarin orange juice.

  6. Fabulous, Heidi! You make so many people so happy with your experimenting, dear! 🙂

    Have a great and tasty week! xoxo,


  7. Wow, that Pita bread looks amazing Heidi! You're a genius!

    I'm working on DF tzatziki too 🙂

  8. quick question regarding the pita bread and better batter, did you knead it for 10- 15 minutes? And did it double in size after resting. Thanks! I am trying it out now, however, the bread dough is so tight, I am wondering if it will rise.

    TIme will tell 😉

    Enjoy the day, thanks for all the infor. Great job.

    • No kneading required (there is no gluten to develop). My dough did rise quite a bit, not sure if it doubled in size though. I keep my dough in the oven during the rise time (I preheat to 200 deg. first, then it shut off completely before placing my covered bowl of dough in it). Hope it turns out great for you!


  9. The lemon chicken recipe sounds great! Now just to find some Meyer lemons….

  10. Thanks for the post on no need to knead. Light bulb moment, didn't connect the two together. Thanks! Will try again today.

    On a side note, I know your children are still young. How do kids go to college and eat healthy? We have a soon to be 18 year old, who has severe reactions to gluten, effects the brain chemistry, inflammed gut causes inflamed brain.We are overwhelemd with how to keep him healthy outside the home on a day to day basis away at college. Any great ideas or thoughts, woudl love to hear about it sometime.

    Thanks again,.

  11. I can't wait to try the pita — have been wishing for some lately. What an inspiration your menu is! Thanks, Heidi —