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Dairy/Casein-Free, Egg-Free Chicken Salad

Update 8/10/2011: I have an updated version of this chicken salad and you can find the full recipe here: The BEST Mayo-Free Chicken Salad.  There are also TWO gluten-free, egg-free and soy-free mayos on the market, Soy-Free Veganaise and one by Earth Balance, called Mindful Mayo

I’ve been having some trouble in the egg-free, soy-free mayo department.  I’ve tried nearly a dozen recipes but no such luck.  One of my readers recommended Cybel Pascal’s recipe for Rice Milk Mayonnaise (Egg-Free, Soy-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan), but try as I might, patience is just not one of my virtues.  Cybele’s allergy-friendly mayo looks wonderful though, so I’m wondering if I can convince my husband to add the 3/4 cup’s worth of oil, drop-by-drop with a medicine dropper on my behalf! 😀

So, what to use instead of mayo for chicken salad?

I decided to get a little crazy and go off recipe for once!  There’s nothing like not having a particular ingredient as a viable option to push a girl outside of her comfort zone. 😉  Ever since I made Shauna and Danny Ahern’s recipe for Shrimp with Garlic Almond Sauce (from their new cookbook, Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef: A Love Story with 100 Tempting Recipes), I cannot seem to keep Marcona almonds (not an affiliate link, I just wanted to show you what they are in case you are unfamiliar) in stock around here…my guys absolutely LOVE that sauce (it also goes great tossed with pasta and as a tomato-free sauce for pizza…it more than makes up for the lack of cheese)!  So, why not use the garlic almond sauce as a replacement for the mayo in chicken salad?

Apparently, this flavor combination knocked it out of the park, because not a morsel of the chicken salad was left when dinner was done! 😀

Gluten Free, Grain-Free, Dairy/Casein-Free, Egg-Free, Soy-Free Chicken Salad

Grab the recipe here

I made this chicken salad a few weeks ago to take as a picnic dinner to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.  If you’ve never been, I definitely recommend putting it on your list of things to see someday!  We like going to the Glowdeo, which is an evening event where the special shaped hot air balloons gather together and inflate (but stay grounded), then in a beautifully choreographed moment, all of the pilots turn on the burners and the balloons glow in the crisp desert night.  There is so much more to do at the balloon fiesta, in addition to all the featured ballooning events.  It’s kind of like a small carnival, with shopping, fair-style food (off limits for us), and rides; they even had “controlled” bungee jumping this year (over trampolines):

The Spongebob Squarepants Hot Air Balloon was the highlight of the night for my 3 year old.

My Star Wars fanatic was in galactic heaven over the Darth Vader Hot Air Balloon (you can read even more about this balloon on!

Thanks to all who entered the Kettle Cuisine gluten-free soup giveaway! I used the random number generator to pick the winners and they are:

The winner of the (2) FREE Product Coupons is…#4, Jeri!

Jeri said, “I would love to try the Tomato (with an Udi’s grilled cheese sandwich, of course).”

The winners of TWO $1.00 off product coupons are:

#21, Marsha  and  #10, Chris!

Marsha said, “I have already tried the chicken and rice noodle soup and it is the closest to homemade that I have ever had. I would like to try the carrot and corriander.”

Chris said, “Chicken noodles and carrot coriander are first on my list. I really like how high the protein content is in the chicken noodle (it actually has chicken in it!). I wish the carrot coriander had some protein, but I’ll have it with some turkey. It would be great if they made a gluten, soy, and dairy free turkey/chicken pot pie soup!!!!!!! Yum! More non-dairy soups would be great!!!! Oh, Manhattan Clam chowder would be a great addition as well.”

Chris, I just love your enthusiasm! 😀  I will email each of you for your shipping information.

If you are dairy/casein-free, egg-free and soy-free, what do you use for a mayonnaise replacement?


  1. Heidi, thank you for sharing! There is nothing wrong with going off-book from the traditional. I had a mishap while making my own mayo last week and wound up just mixing my tuna with relish. 🙂

  2. If you are dairy/casein-free, egg-free and soy-free, what do you use for a mayonnaise replacement? — We aren't egg free, but are dairy and soy. With the few things I make with mayo, I have just used mayo (trying the olive oil one now) as the monkey might take one or two bites of whatever it is. Then he simply (ha!) has a chemical/brain reaction to his allergens, and I am comfortable with the occasional allergen getting into him. That said, I have bookmarked a few recipes for mayo, and am considering making my own the next time I make tuna salad.

  3. I have used regular yellow mustard in my "should be mayo" recipes for chicken salad, egg salad & potato salad and have found it to be really good! I have never been a fan of mayo!

  4. Actually, I haven't had to use mayonnaise since finding out I need to cut out dairy. I will certainly use your suggestion!!

    BTW, I love the pics of the boys! I have a pic of my mom doing the trampoline thing over the summer!!! I was shocked she'd do it!!! LOL!!

  5. Is there a safe yogurt for you all? I use regular plain yogurt in my chicken salad. The rare times I make it…

  6. Great idea Heidi – I can't wait to get my hands on that cookbook! I would love to try that sauce. I'll head over to your facebook page and check out the giveaway! Do you guys like tofu yet? I have a good recipe for eggless egg salad. I know, it sounds weird but it's pretty yummy!

  7. How funny, I was just at Whole Foods today feeling very frustrated as I was reading ingredients in all of the "mayo" replacements. Nothing was soy free, egg free, dairy free, etc… I've been gluten free for 11 years, dairy free (most of the time) for 4, and am now adding soy to the no-no list. I love the sound of this almond sauce, and think I might just have to go pick up that cook book! Thanks for the great idea!

  8. Sounds delish to me, Heidi! 🙂 As long as you use ingredients that you all can tolerate, who cares what they are as long as they produce great results? 😉

    I've always wanted to go to that balloon festival, but had no idea they had so many character-type balloons. I've only seen pics of the multi-colored rainbow type balloons. Such fun for the kiddos to see their favorite themed balloons! One day I'll attend and visit you at the same time. 🙂 And, hey, fearless, glutadoodle mom produces fearless kids! LOL Fun!!



  9. That looks delish! Hmm, I don't have that book, so I may have to improvise and come up with my own garlic and almond sauce.

  10. Heidi,

    I'm totally behind in my blog cruising and now I'm stuck (happily) here at AGFM having coffee and scanning your wonderful blog posts. Don't you just LOVE the balloon festival. OMG, your photos brought back such good memories. I haven't been to that in ages. You've inspired me to get down there next year.

    In the meantime, have you ever tried coconut mayo? It's pretty good, but I'm not sure of what all is in the recipe. Can't remember right now. I'll check into that one of these days. (But, just so you know, I have a sign on my bulletin board that says, "One of these days is none of these days." Don't hold your breath, but I will write myself a post-it note and look into that later.

    Love, love, love your 3 year old defying gravity.

    Peace, love and high-flying fun!


    • Thanks Melissa, it's always a hair raising good time to watch my 3 year old's passion for defying gravity, LOL!

      As for coconut mayo…I have not heard or seen a recipe for that yet but I will definitely be on the lookout, thanks for the tip Melissa!