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Dancing in the Kitchen with Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef (and a GIVEAWAY!)

I am over the moon about my brand new cookbook, Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef: A Love Story with 100 Tempting Recipes, but not just because of the brilliant recipes that lie within.  The recipes, no doubt are amazing, I can tell that by texture alone (I have been without my sense of taste for nearly 4 months now), but I can also tell by the goofy grins and squeals of delight by my little ones.  Still, that is not why I am excited.  I am excited because of this (please watch the following short video.  Not only is it inspiring, but my review will make more sense).:

This video captures so much of me and my own story that it is eerie.  I suppose that is why I adore Shauna so much, I feel like I really know her.  Shauna and I were diagnosed with celiac at just about the same time.  I too, met my husband online, and the way Shauna and Danny are with little Lu, is exactly what I strive for everyday with my kiddos.  It’s not always easy, but the rewards run deep.  Get your kids in the kitchen, eating real food, from the very beginning. We, as parents, have an extremely powerful influence on the way our children will come to view food over their lifetime.  With that influence, comes an enormous opportunity to give our children the gift of enjoying pleasurable, nourishing, real food.  You will not only be giving them the gift of a healthier tomorrow, but you will build lasting memories that they will take with them, forever and always.

Like Danny said in the video:

I like to cook food because it gives people joy in the belly.  We’re cooking together, it’s slowing down and enjoying the whole process.

When I was diagnosed with celiac on April 22nd, 2005, I was stunned.  In the course of 30 seconds, the time it took my doctor to hand me my diagnosis, my entire world was turned upside down.  I had no idea what I was going to eat for my next meal, let alone how I was going to manage living the rest of my life, with even the slightest bit of joy.  I initially felt very alone in this new gluten-free world of mine, that is until I made a new “friend,” someone who was brand new (at the time) on this journey too and her enthusiasm and positive outlook was infectious.  Who was she?  Her name was Shauna James, the Gluten Free Girl (before she met her chef). 😉

I decided to take a stroll down memory lane, and looked up Shauna’s first post as a newly diagnosed celiac.  While I couldn’t relate to her words back then (have I really been doing this for over 5 years already?), they embody my personal truth today, especially this:

If I feel this good after ten days, what am I going to feel like in a year? It’s possible that I have never really met myself.

It’s possible that I have never really met myself. I don’t know about you, but that statement gave me goosebumps.  I cannot tell you how many times I have thought those very words of myself.  I may have been diagnosed with CD in 2005, but I can trace active celiac back to when I was at least 12 years old, perhaps my entire life.  Knowing what I know now about this master chameleon of a condition, I have often pondered what my life could have been like, had they only known (my diagnosis was overlooked for so long, because I have atypical celiac disease, so doctors missed all my less obvious symptoms).

After stumbling around for a few years, like a babe learning to walk, I finally caught up with Shauna in the enthusiasm milestone department.  I LOVE my life today, and I now experience the true sensory pleasures of cooking and sharing great food that brings me and my family “joy in the belly” too.  Thank you Shauna and Danny for showing me that all I needed to say was YES! 😀

Seared Shrimp with Garlic-Almond Sauce (above), page 195.

Following the recipe directions to the tee, I finally made restaurant quality shrimp!  Somehow, I ALWAYS overcook it, but this time was different.  This time, my shrimp were perfectly tender and succulent…not a rubbery bite in the bunch, YES! 😀

Fresh Gluten-Free Pasta (above and below), page 60.

This was the pasta that inspired me to find an allergen-friendly pasta recipe, so even more people can enjoy the experience of homemade pasta, there really is no comparison!  I think that using the substitutions I suggested in my Gluten-Free, Allergy-Friendly Pasta post could also be applied to Shauna and Danny’s recipe for fresh gluten-free pasta.  It was their in-depth, detailed instructions and suggestions for substitutes that made me feel confident enough to even try in the first place (so if you have other dietary restrictions, do not let that prevent you from ordering this cookbook)!  I am looking forward to making more gluten-free toasted ravioli and pizza rolls with Shauna and Danny’s pasta recipe, YES!

Crusty Bread That Even Those Who Eat Gluten Might Like (above), page 180.

THIS is the bread I was raving about in my International Food Bloggers Conference Recap post!  Now, I can make it whenever I want, YES!

Chocolate-Peanut Butter Brownies (above), page 261.

OMG!!  I had never made homemade brownies before I made these, and I will never use a packaged mix again!  The brownies stuck around for only a few hours, it’s a good thing they are simple to make, YES!

You’ve gotta get this cookbook!  Not only is the food fantastic, but this cookbook is the type I have been wanting my entire cooking life…one that teaches you how to cook.  Almost all of the recipes come with Suggestions and Variations, the baked goods have weight measurements included for you (this really is the KEY to successful gluten-free baked goods, and I have only recently figured this out.  I still have a lot to learn, but who better to teach me than Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef)? 😀

Don’t just take my word for it though, check out a few more reviews from my fellow bloggers:

Ginger Lemon Girl (Carrie is giving away a copy of Shauna and Danny’s cookbook, visit her Facebook page for more details)

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Seeing that I am a “share the gluten-free love” kinda girl, how can I boast about Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef: A Love Story with 100 Tempting Recipes and not share a copy with one of my fantabulous readers??

But wait, there’s more.  I want you to get as excited about living gluten-free as I am!

I want you to wake up everyday and say:

YES!! (That is Shauna’s super cool tattoo in the above photo).

If you read my post summarizing my time in Seattle at the IFBC conference, you may recall that I mentioned I would be giving away some of my conference swag and an autographed copy of Shauna’s first book, Gluten-Free Girl: How I Found the Food That Loves Me Back…And How You Can Too.

Well, the time has come!

To celebrate the release of Shauna and Danny’s new cookbook, Gluten-Free Girl and The Chef: A Love Story with 100 Tempting Recipes, I am personally giving away the following prize package:

One lucky reader will receive everything in the above photo…Yes!!

**This Giveaway is now closed**

To enter for a chance to win a FREE copy of Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef: A Love Story with 100 Tempting Recipes, a signed copy of Gluten-Free Girl: How I Found The Food That Loves Me Back…And How You Can Too, and part of the IFBC conference swag I received courtesy of Sur La Table, all you have to do is:

Leave a comment to this post about something you can do today that says a resounding YES! (a positive attitude is indeed infectious…so come on, join the ‘glutadoodle’ movement with me)! 😀

PLUS, share the link to this review and giveaway on at least one of the following (mention which one you did in your initial comment):

  • On your Facebook page
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Tons of Bonus Entry Opportunities (strictly optional, but if you decide to do any, be sure to leave a separate comment for each additional task that you complete, this is how I keep track of all the entries):

Using the Random Number Generator, I will pick the winner on Friday, September 24, 2010, Good Luck! 😀


  1. Good gracious Heidi!! You've outdone yourself once again!! Somebody is gonna be one lucky person with your amazing care package there!! Beautifully written post and I'm so impressed with your photography!! Lovely job!! And thank you for the link love! I'm giving away a copy too! The contest runs through Thursday at midnight!

    • Janine Malone says

      Yes, I can do this! My daughter has recently been having reactions to wheat & dairy. We are on a 3 month trial with no gluten, wheat, or dairy. This blog is really helpful and encouraging! Thank you!

  2. Yes!! I don't have a copy of the book yet and would so much love one! Thanks so much for the chance to win one!!

    BTW I Tweeted about this great opportunity!

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  13. I can make a gluten free recipe that i've never made before!!

    tweeted on twitter about the giveaway 🙂

  14. also following on twitter

  15. Ok, I'm going to say yes to some big adventures… even though I'm scared. I had a phone interview for a job in the UK last night and I'm going to say "yes" to travel, meeting people, challenging myself and going to the other side of the world!

    I'll be tweeting this to my followers.

    I can't wait to get my hands on the cookbook!

  16. I'm follow GLG on twitter.

  17. Beautiful review! And I feel exactly the same way about Shauna & Danny – they've given me my LIFE back with their enthusiasm for the gluten-free life, and inspired me to blog as well!

    I must've glossed over that sentence "It's possible that I never really met myself," is SO true. It gave me goosebumps just now…because I really hadn't met myself before giving up gluten – not the calm, non-moody, healthy, migraine-free self that I am today! My husband jokes that he married "crazy Jenn" and it was like the Princess and the Frog, and I magically transformed before him into a vibrant, energetic, calm person after losing the gluten. YES!

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  26. YES! I follow your recipes blindly since you research so well prior to trying something new.

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  27. Nice review and great pics. The cookbook looks amazing. I currently have it on my Amazon Wishlist. Also, from what I've seen, the pics in the cookbook are amazing.

    I also like gluten-free girl on Facebook

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    Something I can do now that I could never do before is RUN! I love racing, and as a kid/teen I could never last that long. I felt so unfit, I was always tired. Now I have so much energy and to that I say YES! 😀

  32. Yes!! to all of the information you have posted here. And instead of glossing over it, I am going back to read it with heart, and to take the time to follow all of the links you have suggested. So much information here. So I guess my YES is to take some 'ME' time to become more familar with GF cooking and to watch closer what I eat. I am so glad I found you. Have linked with you to get updates.

  33. I don't have many "flare ups" of fibromyalgia now…YES!!! I can't believe how much changing my diet (well I had to ha) has helped so many areas of my life. Even if I could eat gluten again, I probably wouldn't.

    Beautiful post…love it and you photos are making my mouth water.

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  46. Today, I'm going to go outside and breathe in the fresh air. Today, I'm going to walk around in the sunshine and know that I deserve to be healthy. Today, I'm going to feel blessed by the fact that someone suggested I go gluten free and by the fact that it's made all the difference in my hormone imbalances.

    I posted your link on twitter and facebook. 🙂

  47. Hi Heidi,

    You're so awesome. I really liked reading this post. And, yep, their video made me tear up.

    Your pictures are beautiful. You really know how to plate your food. 🙂 I just wish you could taste it. 🙁 Someday, my dear. Someday, soon. I'm putting it out into the Universe. (My new thing.)

    I follow and like everyone on the list, but since I just won one of your contests recently, I want someone else to win.


    Tia 😛

    PS – And my 'yes' is to realizing the priorities in my life and saying yes to them instead of the things we are told should be priorities.

  48. We are a gluten free family because my oldest son (3 years old) has an anaphylactic allergy to wheat/barley/oats/rye. Every day I say 'YES' to raising my son in a gluten filled world and help him to grow up to be a normal, healthy boy despite having such a scary allergy.

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  51. I would have to say "yes" I can attempt to make homemade bread for my daughter who has Celiac because she doesn't like any of the numerous breads I've purchased at numerous stores!!

  52. I will make a loaf of gluten free bread that my seven year old daughter (who only ate my homemade wheat bread until diagnosis) will eat and enjoy! No matter how many tries. . .

  53. I follow you on twitter (lets see if this attempt works)

  54. Yup, you have outdone yourself!! "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again" works for us here with our attitudes. =0)

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  60. I am going to say “Yes” to having a joy filled life with my kids, even when I feel like pulling my hair out! And “Yes” to making food that helps us to live each day to the fullest!

  61. YES! I just made my 3 year old daughter (who is allergic to the top 8 allergens + some) homemade pizza!

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  69. I just had to say that I took two books to read while camping with the family this last weekend – Gluten Free Girl and the Chef and Cooking with Isaiah (gluten and dairy free – by Silvana Nardona!). Both awesome new cookbooks that I read on the 7-hour drive, when I had downtime in the tent (after the kids went to bed) and any other chance I got. Can't wait to actually cook out of them instead of just drool over the photos and descriptions.

  70. I follow Gluten Free Girl on Twitter which is how I discovered this blog.

  71. Saying YES to treating our bodies with respect and teaching our children about eating the best possible foods. My second son has egg, peanut and tree nut allergies and praying my third son doesn't have them as well. It's tough some days and I wonder why, but if I can teach my boys the best way to eat without a box, then I have done my job as a mom. I am also discovering more friends who live with celiac and as a baker and a cook, I want to make food that everyone can enjoy.

    • Micha,

      YES!!!! You echoed my feelings exactly, and the key word you mentioned is "TEACH." As parents, we are our children's most influential teachers. They not only learn by our words, but they learn by our actions. I often credit my oldest son for saving my life when he was diagnosed with CD. Prior to then, I often cheated on the gluten-free diet, but once he was diagnosed, I knew if he saw me doing it, then he would not take his own diet as seriously as he needs to. So, I stepped up to the plate and changed my attitude as well…and life has been more beautiful than I had ever known, since then.


  72. I am getting back into applying for jobs! And mentioned this on my twitter!

  73. I follow Glutenfreegirl on twitter.

  74. I follow Glutenfreechef on twitter.

  75. I am saying YES to being able to share this gf journey with 4 of my kids and knowing they won't have to wait until they are 40 to meet their real selves. I love that my 10 year old doesn't have to cry himself to sleep at night with headaches or leg pain anymore. I love being able to teach my kids how to cook for themselves to stay healthy and painfree.

  76. Heidi – please don't join the masses that are requiring people to tweet, twitter, blog or facebook in order to enter your contest. Not everyone does that but many of us enjoy reading your blog and should be allowed to enter the contest just for reading your blog. So many of these blogs are now requiring it.

    • Cindy,

      Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. It honestly didn't occur to me that by adding the "sharing the link" as part of the initial entry that it would exclude some folks, and that was never my intention. I will keep the blogging, tweeting and Facebooking as optional bonus entries from now on. 😀


  77. Janet Johnson says

    Making a gluten free recipe today…so inspiring!

    Posting this on my facebook!

  78. No entry from me, of course, but I did want to share in a humongous, world-sized YES!!! That's the only way it should be on eating and living gluten free, AND well, just life! 😉 Awesome post, Heidi, and amazing giveaway! And, I see you know about Marcona almonds now. (Bummer if you can't taste those babies.) Seeing your children's joy in response to Shauna and Danny's dishes is an amazing thing. Anyhoo (LOL), you did a beautiful job again! Good luck to all. 🙂



    • Shirley,

      YES!!! Marcona almonds are absolutely amazing (btw, YOU were the one who introduced them to me in Seattle). They are so much better than regular almonds, according to my guys. Sam and Luke keep calling them "flat pistachios without the shell, LOL)!

      BTW, my blog designer is going to add a "subscribe to comments" plugin to my site later this week, thanks for mentioning it to me!


  79. How fabulous!! I volunteered to supply snacks for my daughter's Creative Writing Club. I figure that will help spread the word to a younger crowd about what gluten free (and other food issues) means!!

    I also shared your post on Facebook. (Diane Bennett Bramos)

  80. I'm going to get up and be me, be free (because hundreds of thousands have sacrificed so we can!) and smile through the day! That's my way of saying YES!


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  99. I was diagnosed in May of this year with non-celiac gluten intolerance after suffering for many years with a lot of wide ranging symptoms. I had, ironically enough, just gotten licensing as of January of this year to operate my own business out of my home as an at-home baker, specializing in (gluten-filled) decorated cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. I've been working on fulfilling my remaining orders for birthday and wedding cakes that contain gluten, but even with wearing a mask, I am still suffering from physical and neurological symptoms just from inhaling the flour dust. And as my own daughter (2.5 years old) is also newly diagnosed, I certainly don't want to expose her to unnecessary hazards, either.

    Last night, I completed the baking for my last gluten-filled cakes, and today I begin my new journey – I have two orders to fill that are gluten free! Time to say a resounding YES and give the kitchen a thorough head to toe cleaning/decontamination and start my new life as a gluten free baker! That cookbook has peaked my interest before, and after watching that video, I MUST get myself a copy if I don't win this one.

    Thanks for this opportunity, and thank you for sharing your journey as a gluten-free Mom.

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  106. Yes! I am always looking for great tasting recipes for my gluten free family. My husband and I were both diagnosed in the spring and decided in late summer to change our childrens diets. Now our 8 year old son has more concentration and a desire to do his school work. It is amazing how gluten affects people differently. Thanks so much for your wonderful website!

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  112. yes! i follow gf girl on facebook:)

  113. Wow. What a post! First off, THANK YOU so much for including me in the list of bloggers, what an honor.

    And this giveaway, oh my. What a treat this would be. And fun to share it with gluten free friends. (my fingers and toes will be crossed)

    Last night and today I am baking homemade goodies for our GF Get Together tomorrow night in Milwaukee. Tasty treats for gf friends to take home. (or dive in right after dinner) YES!

    LOVE meeting other gf bloggers. Most I knew, but a few are new to me, thank you so much!

    now off to do my bonus entries… which is pretty easy considering I am doing most of them already!

  114. Just tweeted about this amazing giveaway!


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  126. Say YES everyday and know that you can do anything.

  127. Lindsey Cota says

    I did indeed retweet this giveaway on Twitter. @midnightagenda

    And today am going to say YES to making dinner tonight. I haven't done that in about two weeks but today, I Will!

    -Lindsey Cota

    • Lindsey,

      You GO GIRL! I know what you mean, even as much as I cook, I still struggle with implementing a plan sometimes and then before I know it, it's dinnertime and I am caught unprepared. It's a journey, but as long as we just keep putting one foot in front of the other, even if it's only baby steps…we'll eventually get there! 😀


  128. Lindsey Cota says

    I "Like" Gluten Free Girl on FB

  129. Lindsey Cota says

    and I follow Gluten Free Girl on Twitter

  130. Okay, take those brownies and put a layer of Nutella on top for frosting. They were already amazing but this makes them the best thing you've ever tasted. I did a review post on my blog too 🙂

  131. I am working to say "yes!" to a hard season in my life where I'm working full-time w/two littles at home (where I would prefer to be!). My boys are 15 mos. and 2 & 1/2 yrs and it's soooo hard to be away from them for 10 hrs. a day, but I'm working to say yes! to the time we have together and remaining positive about the good work that I do while we're apart. 🙂 What a great giveaway!! Thanks!

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  135. I am trying more to make gluten-free dishes for all my family and friends, not just me. I want to learn to cook gluten free dishes that are just as good, if not better, than gluten-filled dishes!

    I tweeted about the giveaway (@maconmom)

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  139. Wow…great giveaway! I said yes today as I bounded out the door this morning at 6am, belly full of gluten free bagel. YUM! I'm tweeting this giveaway!

    glutenfreebetsy at gmail dot com

  140. I'm going to say yes! to having a blast at soccer practice tonight. I coach an under 6 team, and they can be quite the hand full, but tonight, I will be sure to have fun! I'm also going to say yes to creating a meal plan for the week, since I've slacked off on doing it lately.

    I shared this on Twitter. Thanks!

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  151. And I liked Healthy Green Kitchen on FB. Thanks so much for the chance to enter!

  152. Today I am saying yes to the fact that Celiacs are some of the most helpful and kind people I have met. My son is our Celiac and if it wasn't for his diagnosis I never would have met so many nice and helpful people in our community and around the country! I have needed all of the help I have gotten and we feel so blessed!

    Don't have Facebook, Twitter, or a blog–but I am sharing this with everyone we know that will listen 🙂 Thank you, thank you!

  153. wow what a giveaway! I am so happy to see so many people excited about this new book! Shauna was the first gf blog I found after my dx, and she saved me from frustration and feeling defeated. My dx gave me the courage to start really living my life, taking chances, and even go back to school. i graduated last month from xray school! Today though, I am going to cut into my fabric and start a quilt for our bed, to say thank you to the man who supported me through all of this, and who is a better label reader than I am!

  154. I am going to learn how to make homemade gluten free pasta after I get this cookbook. I am tweeting this review. 🙂 The brownies look amazing!! Excellent job!

  155. Going GF has completely changed my life! I can't wait to get my hands on Shauna's book.

  156. I tweeted about the giveaway @Ebee333.

  157. oops, i forgot to say, i shared this on twitter @ellen1214

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  166. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for being there! My daughter has just recently found out that she is a celiac and I would SO MUCH LOVE to give this to her! She is sort of floundering and not really sticking to it that well because as you know, it is such a change and hard to begin. Also, she's young and on her own and finding it hard to buy all the flours needed because it's expensive. Btw, she's a baker. I guess this happens sometimes. I am certainly going to pass on your site. Thank you for this great giveaway!

  167. I like you on my facebook and I have signed up for updates. Thanks!

  168. I've been gluten free going on 4 years now. I love Gluten Free Girl and I have totally been inspired by people like you (GlutenFreeMom) who have not only made gluten free look appealing but have made me want to write a cook book of my own someday!

  169. YES! I tweeted about your wonderful giveaway.

  170. I'm going to keep working on my article, instead of putting it off (I'm an intern journalist with a paper) even though it's a hard, difficult article, about the struggle with cancer the people I've been interviewing have been going through. And when my partner gets home, I'm going to say yes to us, put away my work, and enjoy dinner with them. I also linked to this giveaway on my Twitter!

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  177. I have decided to say yes to creating a new recipe for the SOS Kitchen Challenge over at Diet, Dessert & Dogs. I am new to gluten free and vegan baking. I am excited to try something new in so many ways. I have been baking for 30 years. This is a bit scary.

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  191. I am on my third round of chemo and have, all along, said "YES" I can beat this thing! Other than losing my hair, I've had no nausea or other problems. I told my husband when I married him 12 years ago, that I had to confess to an ongoing love affair………….with life. So YES, I AM a positive person. 🙂

  192. It's truly amazing to share this life changing diagnosis with so many individuals. I was diagnosed in 2005 but really started eating gluten free in January of 2006. I think the bond that we all have together is probably the most positive thing that I can imagine. We all remember that moment where we heard the words that we are either celiac (myself) or that we are gluten intolerant. For some it was amazing to have an answer to others it meant a challenging road ahead. I loved Shauna's first book and I can't wait to read this one.

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  201. The one thing I will do today is work on my paralyzing perfectionism by perfecting being an imperfect mom. Also, an imperfect GF eater, I'll not kick myself for eating gluten and thus suffering the consequences.

    I linked this site to my Facebook page.

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    and I really appreciate all the work you've put into this site!

  214. I say "Yes" to not just reading your blog, but trying new recepies and learning along the way!

  215. YES! What a well written post! I haven't picked up the book yet as I'm in the middle of moving/getting married in two weeks/driving from CO to Maine for said wedding and had to pack up my kitchen. Well written post and you made me want the book even more!


  216. My 15 month old was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. This prompted our whole family to go gluten-free. Sites like yours have helped us feel like a huge life changing event is do-able. You make me say 'yes'! Thanks!

  217. oooo so exciting … i would love to try her cookbook!

    what makes me say yes! – deal with my type 1 diabetes with a positive attitude 😀

    ooo and i post about this giveaway on my blog!

  218. My daughter was put on a gluten/dairy free diet about 2 months ago and our entire family has been on it since! Thank goodness for all the great gluten-free blogs that help us out!!


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