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Green Eggs and Ham Quiche

My version was actually Green Eggs and Sausage, but that doesn’t have the same snazzy ring to it as Green Eggs and Ham!  The only reason I even used sausage is because that is what I had on hand for this final attempt at making a quiche (more of a breakfast casserole) for The Gluten-Free Homemaker’s Quiche Challenge.  I have made many a quiche these last few weeks, but they were not well received by my clan.  I think I was getting a little too fancy for them.  The Goat Cheese and Leek quiche I made, received the lowest fanfare (although I liked it!), so an idea came to me to revise the popular school snack my boys have made at their preschool each year during Dr. Seuss week.  I wanted to make a naturally green egg dish to hopefully inspire their teachers that you can make better green eggs, without the synthetic food dye and some added nutrients! 😉

*At the end of this post is a video clip of Dr. Rodney Ford talking about eczema and gluten sensitivity that you might be interested in watching.

Goat Cheese and Leek Quiche with a Pie Crust Made from Garbanzo Beans! 😀

I wish I had more pictures to share of the steps I went through, but Sam decided to play with my camera and accidentally erased everything, including all the photos of my first experiments with my new BFF, Ms. Vitamix!  Yes, I have made a very large “Note to Self: Dump your camera after each photo session!”

Onward and upward as they say…  I found this recipe and used it as my inspiration for this naturally gluten-free version of Green Eggs and Ham Sausage Quiche!  I omitted the pie crust and went with a hash brown crust, simply because it was easier. 😉

For the crust:

4 cups of Frozen Shredded Hash Browns, thawed

1 Tbs. Oil (I used Grapeseed Oil, but Olive, Canola, etc. would work fine)

Salt and Pepper, to taste

  • Toss together the thawed hash browns, oil and seasonings.
  • Press into a 9 x 13 pan.

For the filling:

8 oz. of fresh spinach (I believe I used more, quite possibly double this amount, but I forgot to to weigh it beforehand.  The fresh spinach came in my CSA box, but it wasn’t labeled with the amount, so I just used it all!)

1 cup Smoked Ham (I used lowfat breakfast sausage)

1 1/2 cups Gruyere Cheese, shredded

10 Eggs (I used fresh, local free-range eggs that I get in my weekly CSA box, it may be in my head, but they taste so much better!)

2 2/3 cups of Milk (I used Skim)

1 cup Heavy Cream (I used Half and Half to lighten it up a bit)

Salt and Pepper to taste (the recipe I used for inspiration called for nutmeg too, but I tend save my nutmeg for pumpkin pie.  Not very evolved of me, I know!)

To make the filling:

  • Add fresh spinach (I did not blanch it, as called for in Nick’s recipe) and eggs to a blender or food processor (I used my Vitamix).  Puree until smooth.
  • Add milk and cream (or substitute) to the spinach/egg mixture and puree until combined.
  • Season with salt and pepper, set aside.

To assemble the Quiche:

  • In the shredded hash brown lined pan, sprinkle with ham (or sausage) and cheese.
  • Pour the spinach/egg custard over the hash brown, ham and cheese layer.
  • Bake at 325º F. for about 55 minutes, then check for doneness.  A knife inserted in the middle should come out clean.

Note: Once the initial quiche was done, there was a Pronounced spinach flavor (remember, I didn’t measure how much spinach I used!).  Once it was done baking, I had to add more cheese, salt and pepper, in order for it to be more palatable for my kiddos.  All I had was sharp cheddar, but it did the trick!!  I added about 1 1/2 cups more of shredded cheese (so much for lightening it up!). 🙂

The boys really liked it and they have been eating a square of it for breakfast each morning this week.  It reheats very well in the microwave.  I will definitely make this again, but I will just be sure to measure out the spinach next time. 😉

Linda is doing a Gluten-Free Cake Challenge for this month and that is more up my alley!  Be sure to check it out for what I am sure will be some very amazing recipes!

Speaking of gluten-free cakes, did you see Jeanne’s Tres Leche Cake over at Four Chickens?  Yummy.

In the spirit of gluten-free awareness month, I want to share a video clip with you of Dr. Rodney Ford talking about eczema and gluten sensitivity.  I posted a little bit about eczema and artificial colorings the other day on my “Funny Oranges” post.  Ron Hoggan, Ed.D., co-author of Dangerous Grains: Why Gluten Cereal Grains May Be Hazardous To Your Health, left a very informative comment to that post last night (thank you, Ron!), that I encourage you to read.  I have solely focused on reading about celiac disease over the past few years, but am starting to read more on the entire spectrum of gluten-sensitivity, and what I have been learning is mind boggling.  For further reading, check out The Gluten



  1. tastyeatsathome says

    Good post! Love your quiche idea. I love quiches, but if there is anything other than meat and cheese in it, my kids and husband won't eat it! Boo on them, huh? More for me, I say. Definitely going to go read what Ron Hoggan said on your previous post. I have never read that book, but see it referenced time and time again. Maybe I need to!

  2. I love your really-green (naturally!) quiche. Whatever makes the food interesting to the eaters…is how you need to cook it . However, I don't know why they wouldn't like the Goat Cheese and Leek quiche just as well. It sounds wonderful to me.

    Dr Rodney Ford's little video is intriguing. I think it might reach some people who aren't willing to listen otherwise.

  3. Alta,

    I just ordered Ron's book myself, I can't believe I haven't read it yet either!

    Pat: What I like about Dr.Ford's videos, is how easy it is to understand what he is saying, especially for a non-medical professional like myself. I have two more videos of Dr. Ford on my "videos" page (see navigation bar), and I love the second one, with the Lego demonstration. I am a visual learner and that was extremely helpful for me.

  4. I've made a quiche with a crust of potatoes I shredded, but haven't had a chance to post it. It's very similar to your crust. I like your green eggs and ham idea. It looks delicious.

    I won't start getting CSA goodies for a couple of weeks, but I can't wait.

    • Linda,

      I'm new to the CSA program and from what others have told me, I'm pretty lucky to have access to a year-round CSA program! Some stuff does come from out of state though.

  5. Heidi – This looks really good! I love the name, too! 🙂


  6. My eczema is related to my celiac disease as well. I have had eczema all my life but it got ten times worse when I was at my worst with the undiagnosed celiac. I had huge welts of eczema across my torso. After diagnosis and a gluten free diet for all these years it is much better. I still get it though as it seems to be triggered by other things, esp strawberries.

  7. Heidi! I've been out of the loop for a few days. Love your re-design, and I am so making this green quiche. Never thought I would be experiencing Green Eggs & Ham again, but this looks naturally wonderful! Your family doesn't know what they're missing with quiches – I make them all the time and I think yours look delicious!

    • GlutenFreeMom says


      I am way out of the loop and I still owe you an email as soon as I dig myself out of this re-design.

      Will you please teleport one of your quiches to me? 🙂


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