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Gluten-Free Pancakes on aย Stick

I think I have seriously gone over the edge with this one!

A friend of mine casually mentioned to me a few weeks ago that her daughter likes to eat “Pancakes on a Stick” for breakfast. I had no idea what they were, but of course I found myself with a new gluten-free challenge! ๐Ÿ˜€

First, I needed to figure out what they were (I had an idea, but wanted to make sure). This is what I found:

So, how to make a gluten-free version of these?? A Google search brought me to this little contraption:

The Original Carnival Treat Factory! It is like a sandwich maker but for corn dogs. While I am a kitchen gadget fanatic, I usually do not like one use contraptions like this because they take up too much space, especially when it is not used very often. However, for a feat such as this, I could see no way around it (at least for the time being). I found the corn dog maker on Amazon for $17.81 plus shipping, a low enough price for me to take the bait and buy it, it was for gluten-free pancakes on a stick after all!

When it arrived on Thursday, I was beside myself with excitement. I could not wait to wake up and get to work. My gluten-free kids were going to have stars in their eyes!

So I made up some of Pamela’s Gluten-Free Pancake Batter (and added some maple extract to it…all the flavor, no added sugar!), skewered some sausage links with a lollipop stick (the corn dog maker comes with wooden skewers, but they were a little too sharp for my 2 year old… Luke would DEFINITELY poke his eye out!). ๐Ÿ˜‰

Pour in some batter (I was just winging it, directions were not included)

Lay the sausages that have been “skewered” on top of the first layer of pancake batter.

This is the sausage I used, I found it at Super Walmart.

Apply second layer of pancake batter, as you can see, this is a messy process!

Close the griddle and wait… about 15 minutes or so (I would open and check frequently).

I probably made a few too many, but I froze them to pull out as needed for a quick breakfast on the go.

Know what Sam said as I handed him his first pancake on a stick?

“Can I have my sausage and pancake separate please?” ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. That is very cool, may be a great thing for our Celiac Camp.

  2. Awh, this is awesome. My kids are corn dog fanatics. I'm seriously considering buying this. I'm so glad you found me and I made it here. You and I are so similar in style. Im the only gluten intolerant in my family love to replace my processed foods with made myself ones.

    • Lisa:

      Glad I found you too, I love to share ideas! Making my own GF convenience foods started out as a financial necessity (only my 6 year old and I have celiac, but my husband felt strongly about us becoming a gluten-free family) so I feed a family of 4 gluten-free, which can be costly if you are not either A) on a naturally gluten-free diet or B) you rely on store-bought GF pre-packaged foods (that often end up in the trash)!

      Now though, I am thankful for making my own because I can tweak any recipe to fit my particular needs!

  3. Awesome! What a great idea.

  4. Love it! I told you on Twitter (@AWelbaum) that I've been reading your blog all weekend, and I've found so many great recipes! I can't wait to get situated in the kitchen and start cooking! This is one of the first 'appliances' I will be buying, being a huge corn dog fan!

    • Mandi:

      Thank you! I hope the recipes are helpful. I only recently started to really get more detailed on the recipes (step by step photos). Some of my older posts just have a picture of the end product. I have begun a list to remake everything showing how I make some of the recipes. A guide can be helpful when you are learning to cook gluten-free (lest you think you have done something terribly wrong along the way)! Not usually the case; gluten-free baking can be funny business… literally. I am hoping to get to the cinnamon rolls and puff pastry this week sometime.

      Let me know what you try and if you do anything different, etc., I am still learning too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Kimberly says

    Girl, you never cease to amaze me!! Love these!

  6. trulypat says

    That first comment was too funny! So typical of kids (and some husbands I know…). How did Sam like it after eating some?

    Were those sausages refrigerator-temperature or did you heat them before putting into the batter?

    I don't need another appliance to try to stow in my kitchen either, but…this looks like something I'm going to have try! Thanks for a great idea!

    • Pat:

      Sam did grow to like them (okay… after I told him he had better learn to like them or else!) ๐Ÿ™‚

      All kidding aside, I find it fascinating how a child who has never seen a product like this on TV before, being marketed to him in a commercial… how he naturally rejected it at first. If he had seen a million "cool" commercials for Pancakes on a Stick prior to me making these, he would have been all over them from the get-go!

      Know what I do with gadgets like this? I store it in the box it came in, out in the garage on a shelf. Keeping it in the box minimizes dirt/dust buildup and helps me find it easier.

    • Pat:

      I totally forgot to answer your question on the sausage!

      The pork sausages were precooked so I just let them thaw out in the refrigerator first. I also tried my personal favorite, Hans All Natural Skinless Chicken Breakfast Links:,com_re… which are uncooked. I first put them in the batter raw and they did not cook all the way, so I threw that batch out. I then cooked them on my grill top before adding to the pancake batter and that worked fine, no salmonella! ๐Ÿ™‚

      I also tried to make my own sausage links using ground turkey breast and some spices but they ended up unbelievably dry so they just went to my dogs! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Long and short of it: pre-cooked sausage links, just allow to thaw in the refrigerator. Uncooked sausage links need to be cooked first!

  7. Love this! Do you think you could do the same thing w/ a cornbread batter and hot dogs or cheese for a "Hot Dog on a Stick" type lunch?! Love it!

    • Tai:

      Oh yeah, corn dogs would work, but you would definitely have to cut them down, the wells are only 4" long. The front of the box also mentions ideas like "Cheese on a Stick" (yummy!), "Pizza on a Stick" (not sure what that even is!) or get this… "Snickers on a Stick!" The box says it came with a recipe book, (I didn't see one) but that does not mean I didn't throw it away by accident! ๐Ÿ™‚ My husband is all excited about this thing, so I am sure he will be making me experiment more soon, but I am still recuperating from making 60 pancakes on a stick (why can I not do anything "small??") ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Oh my goodness you are NUTS LOL!!! I love this. I especially love that you used maple extract instead of sugar! Very cool.

    • LOL! cool huh? I learned that trick a few years ago for Sam's little buddy who was allergic to all but 11 foods. He could have sugar and a lot of things with artificial flavors (no protein to react to) so I made a simple syrup and added some artificial maple extract. Did a lot with artificially flavored extracts back then, but use the more natural stuff now for my family, this is where I get my flavorings:

  9. Nancy Wemple says

    What a concept!!!! I love novelty appliances but my storage space is nill or I would send for one today. It has to be great for kids and with kids eating on the run on the way to school. A little container of maple syrup to dip them in and YUMMO. Kids will tell you like it is no matter what we think and know is the same thing, not traditional………Love those kids so cute. Bob has been enjoying the nachos you sent home not going to waste here……Thank you again.

    • Hey Nancy!

      Luke was asking for you all afternoon on Saturday, "I want to go see Ms. Nancy!" Glad Bob is enjoying the nachos, which reminds me… that was supposed to be my Super Bowl post! Running a few weeks behind as usual, but I will get that up soon… Mike keeps telling me to "do it for the guys!" ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. trulypat says

    I definitely want to see your post after you try those "Snickers on a Stick!"

  11. Oh my goodness. What a great idea!! Love it!

  12. I love this idea. It is perfect for gluten free cooking. Since going gluten free, I am having trouble with breakfast. My kids would love this idea. Thanks!

  13. i just found out that my son cant have Corn products soy products eggs peanut products. what can i use to make the pancakes?

    • Hi Jenifer!

      Can I ask if this is a brand new experience for you or are you familiar with cooking for other food allergies/intolerances?

      I've not tried this recipe yet, but my friend Carrie (Ginger Lemon Girl) has a Master Baking Mix recipe that is GF, corn-free, soy-free, egg-free and peanut-free.

      She also has a recipe for pancakes on that page, you would just need to replace the egg that is called for (I would suggest trying Ener-G Replacer first…I am new to egg-free baking as well and have yet to figure out the best substitutes for different baking applications).

      All the best,

  14. YUM!!!! I so want to try that!!! If only I had more room in my kitchen for ANOTHER gadget! lol

  15. JessicaC says

    Has anyone used fruit on a stick instead of sausage? I'm thinking a thin banana slice or maybe cinnamon dipped cooked apples…or even fresh blueberries.


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