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Better Batter Gluten-Free Biscuits

I did not set out after college with the intent of settling down into my own version of “Betty Crocker.”  I cooked some, but we ate out more. When I did cook, it pretty much consisted of opening a package of a pre-made mix, following the directions on the package and wa-la! Dinner served.

Celiac Disease threw a major wrench into my lifestyle. I spent the first 6 months of my diagnosis kinda dazed and confused. I was actually “excited” to go gluten-free in the beginning because I thought it was going to be some kind of life transforming event. Like some “gluten-free fairy godmother” would raise her wand and I would suddenly lose all that the weight I had gained after my thyroid was ablated due to Graves Disease (but because that sneaky celiac disease was lurking around in there, my body could not absorb my thyroid hormone, which is definitely NOT a good thing!).

After many ups, downs and every-which-ways, this is where I am today. I like to cook, especially when I feel that what I can create at home, far surpasses the quality of most gluten-free processed convenience foods. The gluten-free diet can get very expensive if you do not change they way you look at meal-time. I think this can be one of the most difficult transitions to going gluten-free; learning to “not eat out of a box.” 🙂

Our meals are 90% naturally gluten-free. Lean meats, and fresh or frozen organic fruits and vegetables. Naturally gluten-free foods cost significantly less than the typical $14.oo gluten-free frozen mini pizza that still tastes like cardboard; (which only makes you feel worse for spending so much money!). That same $14.00 can buy me almost 3 pounds of organic, grass-fed beef that I can use in 3 separate meals that feed 4 people each, with leftovers for lunch. The money for one yucky gluten-free pizza, that barely feeds 2 people can translate into 12+ meals using higher quality ingredients that actually taste good.

I do however, VERY MUCH appreciate when a company discovers a revolutionary new way of making a GF product that not only makes my life easier in the kitchen, but brings super excited faces to my kitchen table! I would rather eat mostly naturally gluten-free foods that I cook so I can afford to spend more money on products of exceptional quality (and I STILL save money!). One of those products, I believe, is Better Batter Gluten-Free Flour (which I am currently out of and my new shipment has yet to arrive… I think I am in a baking “depression” without my Better Batter, which is why I have gone on a baking strike and have not been posting many new recipes! 😉 ) Baked goods are what I think a lot of us miss most from our gluten days, which brings me to the point of this post!

I don’t know about you, but I grew up on Bisquick Biscuits. My mom is from Alabama so you would think homemade Southern style biscuits would have been more up her alley but because she grew up during a time when everything was homemade, the idea of going through all that work was just NOT that appealing to her! 🙂 I don’t blame her, I probably would have done the same! Especially considering the fact that today’s “common” kitchen gadgets weren’t so common back in the 70’s and 80’s, when my sisters and I were growing up. Without my kitchen gadgets, I would probably be on a rice and banana diet! 😉

Because I grew up on Bisquick Biscuits, that is what I like, and I really miss having them!!

So I pulled out my Better Batter GF Pancake/Baking Mix the other night and used it to make some biscuits.

As I sunk my teeth into that first flaky, buttery bite; all I could think of (as my eyes were filling with tears!), was my mom’s Bisquick Biscuits.

Better Batter Gluten-Free Biscuits (recipe is from the package of Better Batter gluten-free Pancake and Biscuit Mix)

2 1/4 cup Better Batter Pancake and Biscuit Mix

2/3 – 1 cup Milk, Buttermilk OR Water (I used Skim Milk)

Preheat oven to 450° F. (I baked mine at 425° F. in a convection oven).

Lightly grease baking sheet or line with parchment paper.

Stir together milk (or liquid of your choice) and mix, adding more milk if necessary to form a soft, sticky dough.

Drop by 1/2 cupfuls onto the prepared baking sheet (I did not do drop biscuits. I used a heavily floured surface (Better Batter) to pat out the dough to a 3/4″ – 1″ thickness. Using biscuit and cookie cutters, I cut out my biscuits).

Bake 8 – 10 minutes.

I did the standard circle shape and tried out some hearts too...

And since the Super Bowl was coming up, we experimented with a football cookie cutter!

Sam was so happy with his football biscuit! Should have made some goldfish biscuits! 🙂

As soon as my Better Batter arrives, we are going to try out this recipe from Better Batter to make our own “Beef Sausage Patties” using grass-fed beef! My boys are carb junkies and I need to get more healthy proteins into their breakfast in order to help keep them alert at school and not dealing with a sugar crash from having had just a bowl of cereal!

I am starting my new cake decorating class tonight so you will be seeing more cake posts over the coming weeks! Speaking of which, I wanted to share with you a new product coming out soon. If you are into scrapbooking or other paper arts, you have probably already heard of the Cricut personal cutting machine. Well, Cricut is getting ready to launch their newest product, Cricut Cake! WOO-HOO!! I am so excited!! 😀

I am off to make heart shaped cut-out sugar cookies for Sam and Luke’s Valentine’s Day parties at school tomorrow. If you are looking for a good cut-out sugar cookie dough recipe, check out this one. I posted it back in December and it is AWESOME! 😉

If you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to enter my current giveaway for a 4-pack of Cerealvit Gluten-Free Cereal!


  1. YUM YUM YUM!!!!

    When you had your Better Batter Giveaway the thing I was really excited about was making biscuits!

    I'm glad you found this product, I found it a little while back & felt the same way – it's incredible. Really better than most (although, I used to get Tom Sawyer, and I thought that was really good too)..

    Anyway – I need to order some of htis mix as I have yet to try it! I've only used their all purpose mix!

  2. I eat much healthier since going gluten free and I find now that when I do buy something in a box or a package I usually regret it.

    Oh and I'd love to come to NM! LOL You'll just have to buy the plane ticket… oh and let me stay at your house… then you can have all the free photography lessons you want!! Hahahaha

  3. Jen,

    Seriously, that sounds fun! 🙂 Sam already thinks you are the coolest "girl" in the world since you love the Red Sox! LOL!

  4. Hahah awesome!!! The Red Sox are the best!!!!

  5. Frustrated says

    Yet another GF product made with RICE flour. Some of us are allergic to rice, and it seems that about 95% of these products are all made with RICE flour!!

    • One of my favorite flour mixes has no rice flour. It's called Carol's blend, and you have to make it yourself, but it works well. It uses 3 cups sorghum flour, 3 cups potato starch, and 2 cups tapioca starch. Add Xanthan gum according to the need of the recipe.

  6. Hi,

    Your recipes look great. After years of being gluten free, I've realized I have to be corn free also. This was quite a blow at first when I realized all the food I couldn't eat. It was especially sad to have to pass up almost all of the gluten free products due to the xanthan gum/corn connection. However, my new philosophy is if I can find one of an item anywhere I am blessed. For example, one mustard even from online and I can have mustard! One type of mayo, or ketchup then I am so blessed!! Anyway I appreciate your blueberry muffins being corn free!! And I am wondering if the Better Batter is also corn free?? Thanks!


  7. If you can’t find Better Batter in your area, would Pamela’s baking mix work as a substitute?


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