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Gluten-Free Condensed Cream of Chicken Soup


Gluten-Free Condensed Cream of Chicken Soup

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Prep Time: 5 minutes

Use one full batch of this recipe for each can of condensed cream of chicken soup called for in your recipe.


  • 1 cup Gluten Free Magic Mix
  • 1/4 tsp. Onion Powder
  • 3/4 cup canned Chicken Liquid (if not using canned chicken, use GF Chicken Broth)
  • 1/4 cup canned Chicken, chopped (if not using canned chicken, use baked Chicken Breast)


  1. Add Magic Mix, onion powder and canned chicken liquid or chicken broth to a saucepan. Mix well.
  2. Turn heat to medium and stir constantly until the mixture thickens (does not take very long).
  3. Fold in 1/4 cup chopped chicken.

See the bottom of this post for the canned chicken I used…

Comparison time:

This is just funny to me: this was the ONLY piece of chicken in the whole can, LOL!  I had also forgotten over the years that it was yellow… If you want to yellow up the homemade version, add a pinch of ground Turmeric and get a few added health benefits!

Just so you know I didn’t add food coloring to the above photo…

And I am not even going to say anything about this! 😉

Onward and upward…

For the canned chicken, I used one 13-0z. can of:

What I do to store leftover canned chicken:

By freezing the leftover canned chicken in ice cube trays covered with water, you will eliminate freezer burn and the funky texture that can result from freezer burn! I use one or two “cubes” of chicken that has been thawed and drained in future batches of condensed cream of chicken soup.

Also, when I make chicken salad or something else that calls for canned chicken, instead of discarding the liquid, I freeze it in ice cube trays too, then thaw several cubes for the soup recipe once I get a surplus!


  1. Lipton offers a Cream of Chicken Soup that is gluten free. It is not the canned version but actually the "Cup of Soup" version. You know the little packets that makes a cup at a time. My mother in law found it for me because she had some family recipes that she wanted to convert. We just makes up the soup and then uses the same amount that is called for in the recipe. I love to also use them for a quick meal. I just add some rice and chicken or noodles if I have left overs from another meal. Very easy and quick, especially if I already made another meal for my non-GF family.

    Catch: they have a note on the box that it may have cross-contamination because of the production facility. I haven't had a problem but some people might.

  2. Wow, what a wonderful idea for freezing leftover chicken. I love that idea. Thanks for sharing.

    I actually have been making my own condensed soup for a few years. I have a different recipe that is completely powdered and can be stored on the shelf. It is pretty good, but I am going to try the magic mix version and compare.

    When you look at all that is put in the canned soups it is scary. It's nice to know how much healthier the homemade version is and that it doesn't have to be a ton of extra work; it can be simple.

    Also, it can save a TON of money. I estimate my homemade condensed soup is around 20 cents a "can" to make. Of course the store canned versions are $1.50 approx.

    It's nice to know that for some things eating healthier can also be cheaper!!

  3. Laura Dwoskin says

    Recipe sounds terrific–once the mix is complete do you add a can of liquid to it as in the Campbell's version? Thanks for your response. This is what I have been looking for the last three years.

    Laura Dwoskin

    • Hi Laura!

      When I was still using this recipe (as well as the other condensed soup recipes I shared), I only made it to use in recipes (I never tried diluting it just for eating as a soup). If the recipe called for additional liquid, I would always add it and always ended up with beautiful results.

      That being said, I have only personally made the magic mix base using one of two different gluten free all-purpose flour blends (both are prepackaged commercial products) and have not made it using my own homemade GF flour blend. The two GF flour blends I've used contain an additional ingredient not commonly found in most GF flour blends, one has gelatin and one has pectin added. I do not know if those ingredients made a difference in my condensed soups or not because I haven't received a lot of feedback from people who've tried this using their own flour blends, but I would really love to know if this works across the board! 😀

      I hope this recipe works just as well for you as it did for me because I can so relate on having looked for a good GF condensed soup replacement for a long time…I was literally OBSESSED with it for 3 years, LOL!


  4. My 16 yr old daughter was just diagnosed with celiac disease along with having diabetes for 8yrs. She loves cream of chicken soup,so thank you. This new way of eating can really be overwhelming so I am very very great full for the websites to help me make the change easier, and that we are not alone.

    thanks again

    Noreen Peters

  5. Do you think this can be made non-dairy? Are there powered versions of powdered milk that are dairy free? I have a 2 year old son that has wheat, soy, dairy, egg and nut allergies and we are just trying to get casseroles and some soups back into our family diet. Please help!!!

  6. Laura Jackson says

    I just made your Magic Mix and then the Cream of Chicken soup. YUMMY and Thank You! I'm new to gluten free and was very glad to find you!

  7. Elizabeth Molina says

    With it being "green chile" season here in New Mexico, I'm going to make green chile chicken enchiladas with your recipe of cream of chicken soup. Wish me luck!

  8. Has anyone made this in a large batch and then froze it in separate containers for using as needed? I'd like to know how it holds up if so….does it end up watery after freezing and thawing?

    Thanks so much! It sounds perfect for use in casseroles, etc. 🙂

  9. Okay! This is pretty much awesome!! I actually had my husband make it for me 😉 I had him use GF chicken broth and we used our left over turkey from thanksgiving! FANTASTIC! I also used rice milk to turn it to the soup and seasoned! Thank you! Very amazing! 🙂

  10. So grateful to have found this site. I have been looking for a healthier cream of chicken and mushroom! Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

  11. shannone320 says

    I can’t find the recipe for the Magic Mix. The link doesn’t take you to a specific page and I couldn’t find the one that did have it and she doesn’t have a search button. I’d like to make this. Thanks!

  12. All I can say is thank you thank you thank you 🙂 🙂 I have been making this from scratch a different way over the years and have NEVER been happy with it. In fact, dinner times have been a little more stressful in my mind because not having this makes many of our old recipes not desirable anymore. My husband and I grew up on the Campbell’s condensed chick soup and I have used it in many recipes. After many failed recipes, I stumbled on yours and thought that it was too good to be true. It was so easy, why hadn’t I thought of it? Well, I made it last night and it is WONDERFUL!! It does taste a bit sweeter than the canned stuff, but all in all, it tastes better. And not to mention that there are no preservatives or MSG!! We are just thrilled and I cannot wait to do a blog post to shout out how much I love this recipe. Thank you for fixing one of the TOP food staples in a gluten free diet 😀


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