Honeybaked Hams are now Gluten-Free!


Every year, my mom buys a Honeybaked Ham for New Years Day. So for the past 5 years, I have had to steer clear because the ham glaze contained gluten. Well, this is no longer a necessity because Honeybaked Hams and their glaze are now gluten-free! Woo-Hoo! Check it out: The Honeybaked Ham Company. UPDATE […]

Glee Gum Product Review


I love Trader Joe’s. Every time I go, I grab a pack of Peppermint Glee Gum in the checkout lane. There is something so simple and “clean” about the packaging that you would think Marty McFly had just brought it “Back to the Future.”  Glee reminds me of Chiclets, but without all of the bad […]

Custom Choice Cereal Review

Custom Choice1

This is the coolest gluten free product, just because of the concept behind it! This is right up my alley, especially with the custom pizza labels I make for Sam’s pizza boxes or the GF Happy Meals. Packaging/presentation can make the difference between resistance, acceptance and fully embracing something new or different, especially for young […]

A Review of Gluten Free Energy Bars: Boomi Bars and Prana Bars by Divine Foods

SuperCharger and Nutrition

Gluten Free Dad, here.  Since my skills in the kitchen pretty much end with “turn the oven on to 425,” I’ve been handed some product reviews to complete.  I approach this with some trepidation, because I remember what most gluten-free substitutes tasted like 5 years ago.  Things have come along way since then, and I […]

Aroma Dough Giveaway Winner!


Thank you all for your great ideas!!! It would be exciting to see them all come to life! The winner of the Aroma Dough Giveaway is… Lily Belland! Congratulations, Lily! Lily’s idea for an Aroma Dough character with color and scent was: Color:  Purple (not too vibrant) Scent:  Lavender/Vanilla Name:  Violet Val I think this […]

Gluten Free Pita Bread Winner

GFL Foods header

And the winner is… Amie! Amie said, “I LOVE pita two ways: as a wrap and just dipped in hummus. If I won these I would have to find GF hummus. My recipe is GF but I have never made it so it tastes good!” Amie, please email me at heidikelly13@gmail.com with your shipping information […]

Choice Batter – Gluten Free Product Review

Choice Batter

I received a complimentary package of Choice Batter from Crisptek the other day to cook with and review on my blog. I love trying out new GF stuff! First, a little info on Choice Batter. The following information is from the Choice Batter Website: The ChoiceBatter™ patented recipe, exclusively licensed through the United States Department […]

Aroma Dough Giveaway!


This is SOOOO Exciting! I have ANOTHER giveaway! A few days ago, I posted my review of gluten free play doughs. Aroma Dough was one of the companies whose product I reviewed and Diane (one of the founders and a fellow mom!) has so generously offered to give away a Splat Mat Set to one […]

Girl Gourmet Cake Bakery Review

girl gourmet

I think I have lost my mind. Or maybe I am just feeling the effects of being the only female in my house of 3 males! When I saw this product a while back, I couldn’t help but check it out since my favorite cake baker/decorator extraordinaire, Chef Duff Goldman was on the front of […]

Gluten Free Pita Bread


And no, this is not a recipe! A couple of weeks ago while I was surfing the net looking for a recipe to make my own GF pitas, I came across the Gluten Free Pita website. I got so excited that I almost fell off my chair! I contacted GFL Foods to see if they […]