Gluten Free Menu Plan – Week of January 16 (And a Few Other Things)


Well, my “wish it were spring” spring cleaning in the kitchen earlier this week helped me realize that my house would be brighter and more “idea-inducing” if my walls were a little lighter. Makes sense, right? So in typical ADHD Hurricane Heidi fashion, the last three days have seen multiple trips to Lowe’s, two five-gallon […]

The Science Behind Antibodies and How They Detect Gluten Proteins in Food

Where's Waldo

  Today’s post on gluten proteins and antibodies is brought to you by Emily of GlutenTox Home.  In case you missed Emily’s first post here on Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom, you can check that out here.   In my head, gluten looks like Waldo.  Really.  I imagine lots of microscopic men in glasses […]

Curious about Probiotics? Sign Up Today for a FREE Teleseminar with Dr. Daniel Leffler and Shelley Case to learn more


Join Daniel Leffler, MD, MS of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Shelley Case, RD on Wednesday, February 1, 2012 at 8pm ET for an informative teleseminar on the role of probiotics in GI health.  Click here to register today, it FREE! Incoming search terms:best gluten free probiotic (3)best gluten free probiotics (3)gluten free and […]

Gluten Free Menu Plan – Week of January 9


Monday: Chicken Romesca, Sauteed Zucchini Ribbons and Salad Tuesday: Grain-Free Crab Cakes and Rainbow Chopped Salad Wednesday: Slowcooker Spicy Ground Beef and Bean Soup with Cabbage and Spinach and Salad Thursday: Grilled Salmon with Mustard Sauce, Baby Broccoli with Garlic, Baked Sweet Potatoes If it’s too cold where you live to grill, bake the salmon […]

Kaempferol and an Anti-Ovarian Cancer “Green” Smoothie

Green Smoothie Recipe

Ovarian cancer remains the most deadly form of gynecologic cancer, mainly due to the fact that the vast majority of women are not diagnosed until the disease has become very advanced.  Due to its high mortality rate, it certainly makes sense to take preventative measures, especially if you have a family history and diet is […]

Gluten Free Menu Plan – Week of January 2, 2012


Happy new year everyone! I don’t know about you, but I am ready for summer.  The weather here in New Mexico has been perfect lately, sunny and in the mid-50’s!  I’m really getting the itch to get back in my garden and I just placed my order for onion plants today which will be a […]

Reconstructing Goldfish Crackers: Gluten Free Style

Gluten Free Goldfish Tutorial_17

I cannot think of another processed food that has become more embedded in the minds of children than Pepperidge Farms’ Goldfish Crackers.  While they are not only just naturally entertaining in design (brilliant marketing if you ask me), they are the perfect size for kindergarten age fingers to expertly handle while they learn to count, […]

On the Outside Looking In: Gluten Free, Family, Holidays and Heartbreak

On the Outside Looking In: Gluten Free, Families and Heathbreak

With the Christmas quickly upon us, I thought today would be the perfect time to answer the following question by one of my wonderful readers…about being on the gluten free diet, dealing with family and fitting in to society (this question was originally posted on my Facebook page). Do any other GF moms (I have Celiac […]

How You Can Help Send Children To A Gluten-Free Summer Camp!


  There’s an age-old saying that, in my opinion, has never been more true… “Tis better to give than to receive.” And the holiday season is the perfect time for you to give back to the gluten free community! In the spirit of the giving season, I want to bring your attention to a fundraiser […]

Gluten Free Menu Plan – Week of December 19


  Gluten Free Menu Plan – Week of December 19 Monday: Beef Pot Roast* (see note) and Salad. Note: this recipe is really good, and it’s easy to make in a slowcooker – just make sure your beef broth is gluten free.  I enjoy the juices as an au jus, but my hubby is much more […]