1. Laineysmom says:

    My 7 yr old daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease when she was 2. We have had blood tests periodically. All of them have measured 19 and under. Her most recent one was 23 a weak positive. Nothing has changed with her diet. But she is now in 1st grade and I pack her a lunch and she is great about not eating anything that has gluten. Is there a list of toothpastes that are gluten free? I had to change her character toothpaste because I found out it was the culprit for her last blood test. I was wondering if her Crest Sparkle is containing gluten. She had recently went to the dentist for cleaning, I did not take her, but wondering if they used a gluten containing toothpaste as well. Overwhelmed with her test resluts as we are so careful with everything. Goes to show, you can never be too careful. ugggg

    Thank you for all your knowledge here! It is a great resourse to me and many others! Great Job!!

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