1. Joanna says:

    Hello, my name is Joanna. I was diagnosed celiac six years ago at the age of sixteen and have felt extremely better since going on the gluten free diet but, I still have problems with my health. I have been going to the doctors ever since being diagnosed trying to get help but, doctors keep questioning me implying that they think I don't like eating because They think I have an eating disorder when really I love to cook and I love food.
    Doctors and dietitians keep saying there is nothing wrong with me but I know different. Is there anything you would suggest me trying or any tests you think would be worth taking?
    I still feel sensitive to food. Things feel heavy in my gut, or just make me feel nauseous. I have a lot of head aches based around my eyes, troubles with feeling rested, and joint and back pain. A lot of these symptoms where the symptoms I had before I found out I was celiac but have still continued since being on the diet they have just lessened in intensity.
    Can you help me!?

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