Ode to My Nose

Ode to My Nose

My nose does sit upon my face,
Above my mouth its happy place.

A diamond stud adorns one side,
A lovely piece that says “Don’t hide!”

Yet for all its beauty and sleek delight,
Such trouble it has caused, I want to fight!

A growing menace behind the scenes,
Has caused my smell to be obscene.

Deep within my sinus wall,
Inflamed mucosa wrecking balls.

My life so changed by this bad taste,
I may as well eat sticking paste.

My food is gross, my soap offending,
Upon the morrow I am depending.

A lovely man will smash away,
His doctor’s hands to make okay,

This problem has gone on too long,
Our money now is long long gone.

But if this works, I pray it does,
My nose will be again what it was.

Wishing you all a great week ahead because mine ain’t gonna be much fun after I have my septoplasty, bilateral submucous resection of turbinates and bilateral endoscopic fess of sinusotomies procedure thingy tomorrow morning.

If you’re lucky (and I’m drugged up enough) Mike will most likely take some mortifying picture and post in on my Facebook page.

In a way that might be okay, because then he’ll have to do the dishes and laundry for a year. ;-)

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  1. Oh, Heidi! Your spirit is amazing. Good luck tomorrow, break a leg, many blessings! My thoughts are with you. May your taste return quickly (well, flavor wise…everything else-humor, etc-has remained fully in tact…just part of why you are so loved).



  2. kelly says:

    praying for a quick recovery!

  3. Laurel says:

    I'm sure you'll come out smelling like a rose(or insert your favorite here) with which Mike will probably fill the house in sheer relief and celebration.

  4. LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE this, girlie! So beautiful and mildly odiferous at the same time!! Such a poet you are. Say BYE BYE to those inflamed mucosa wrecking balls forever!! Sending positive thoughts and prayers to you and will be waiting anxiously to hear how it goes!!



  5. Maggie says:

    Heidi you're the best! Love your poem. Good luck with your surgery. I can't wait for life to get back to a new, tasty normal for you :)


  6. Danielle says:

    My friend recently had this done and had a very easy recovery – I hope you do, too! You will feel so much better!

  7. Cindy says:

    I said a rosary for you this morning, Heidi, for a successful surgery. Your spirit is amazing. Loved the poem (:.


  8. Love the poem and that photo, sweet Heidi! Sending you all postive energy and super strong, healing vibes for surgery and recovery! You might just get inundated by gifts of both strongly scented flowers and food from all who love you. And, there are hoards of us!



  9. Michelle Olejar says:

    LOVE your poem and your attitude. Such an inspiration to all of us struggling with our own demons. I am scared by the name of that procedure…. Eek sounds painful. I hope it works and I hope for some good pain medicine (allergen free of course)!

    What's up with the dishes an laundry for a year? Is that a result of the surgery? If yes, it may just make the whole surgery worth it, lol! I'll be thinking of you my dear friend.



  10. Anna Aspnes says:

    Good luck Heidi! Thinking of you.

  11. Tia says:

    Thinking wonderful thoughts for that nose of yours with it's fabulous accessory. Don't remember seeing a Valentine's Day add for that.

    I hope your surgery was quick, painless, and uneventful. And I hope your recovery is the same.



  12. tookie says:

    Good luck. You have a guardian angel so maybe he will work overtime for you.

    God Bless You

  13. lorraine corvino says:

    Dear Heidi, best of luck to you tomorrow. I will say a prayer for you.



  14. Heidi – my prayers for your quick healing are being sent all the way from Massachusetts! May you recover quickly, may your nose work like the best of them!!!! Thinking of you!

    warmly, Ellen

  15. Love the poem! Sending you good thoughts my friend. Break a nose!

  16. Alta says:

    Hope you've been feeling better after your surgery!

  17. gfveg says:

    happy to report that your nose looks great.

    is that your dog?

    if so, could you lend him to me? i only have cats.


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