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  1. Dania Stainbrook says:

    I have been doing a gluten free, casein free and egg free diet with my son for the last year. I see a considerable change in his energy level and attitude. He is 8 and struggles socially and still can't ride a bike. I feel desperate to help him get physically stronger. I don't have a definitive diagnosis, maybe global apraxia?? He has tested postive to the casein and egg sensitivity and had no positive gluten sensitivity show up. I look for any information and encouragment to continue the gluten free diet. This dvd sounds like it would have great info that I could sare with my friend with twin girls with celiacs!

    I feel like a desperate mom wanting to help my son and don't know what else to do for him????

  2. Trevea says:

    I have just recently found out that I have Celica Disease and any help would be greatly be appreciated.

    Thank you

  3. Kathy Mykytka says:

    We have been following a gluten free diet for the past two months for my 9 year old son who tested positive for allergies to wheat, oats and tree nuts, as well as many seasonal allergies. It has been hard on him when there are parties in class, but we have been slowly adjusting to this new way of eating. This DVD, I'm sure, would answer a lot of my questions since I am so new to this.

  4. Chris says:

    I would LOVE to own a copy of this DVD. Having been suffering from multiple symptoms for quite a long time but without any relief, I finally fell into the hands of an amazing doctor who suggested food allergies. Well, all these years later, I discovered that I am allergic to gluten, soy, and dairy, among other foods. I, too, have developed leaky gut and am trying to heal my digestive tract. While this is all so new to me, this DVD seems to be a wealth of knowledge that can really set the stage for better awareness and healing. Thank you for all of your guidance, Heidi. I am so thankful for your blog.

  5. Kelly Ingertson says:

    I would like a copy of this DVD for a multitude of reasons.

    First personally- my daughter is 3 and she was diagnosed with CD 6 months ago she also has HD. My son her older brother is high risk for CD and already in a GF diet. My husband has slightly elevated liver function tests and cause is unknown by he has had this for over 8 years.

    Secondly is professional, I am a RN and I am going back to school for my family nurse practitioner and I feel that I am going to be in a position to educate others of CD and the other autoimmune disorders and the impact they have on the whole family and the entire body. I also want to have a firm knowledge base and contacts if I have questions. As a nurse and a future FNP I will be a patient advocate and able to increase the awareness of the illness related to gluten

    Kelly Ingertson

  6. Kathy MacFarland says:

    I was lucky enough to find a doctor who truly cared about me and all I have lived through for the past 34 years. I certainly could use this to help me as I have gluten, dairy, yeast and sugar problems. I have been to over 100 doctors and the Mayo Clinic and could not get diagnosed. I see myself in the future helping many people deal with this. I suffered for so many years, was given so many tests and like I said I could use all the help I can get. I have Hashimotos Disease also. god bless

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