The Gluten-Free Diner Cookbook Winner

Thanks to everyone for participating in this great giveaway! :-D

I used the Random Number Generator to pick the winner and that person is:

Susan Towner!

Congratulations Susan!  I will email you with the coupon code to download your free copy of The Gluten-Free Diner Cookbook.

I am finishing up another review (with a giveaway) for an e-book from a fellow gluten-free blogger, so check back soon!


  1. Congratulations to Susan!!

  2. Susan Towner says:

    Thank You so much. I have downloaded the book and have read thru it, the recipes look amazing. I cant wait to try them. And I think my family will love them as well.

  3. Alta says:

    I love Erin and her book! She's definitely helpful. You know, I was diagnosed with ADD too, long before I went gluten-free. Now that my diet is better, I don't need those meds anymore. (I went off of them before I knew gluten was the issue, because I hated the way they made me feel, but I found that my ADD symptoms disappeared with proper nutrition)

    • Thanks for sharing your ADD story Alta, it really is helpful. I have only been on the meds for 1 1/2 years but I went on them long before before I changed the way I eat. I have been reducing my dosage for a couple of months now and hope to be off completely by the end of the year (I do worry about weight gain though, did you experience any of that?). My blood pressure has risen since I have been on it and that concerns me a great deal.

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